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Archangel Michael

“Many of you have experienced extreme tests and challenges during this lifetime in order to prepare yourselves for your ultimate earthly mission”.

Beloved Master’s, first of all, allow us to ease your minds.  The ascension process is not new to you, you have accomplished it many times before.  You are all masters of the highest order, or you would not have been chosen as Star Seed Way Showers, for this unprecedented evolutionary process the Earth and humanity are presently experiencing.  You have expert credentials, and you have proven your co-creative mastery a multitude of times during your many cosmic journeys.

For each new adventure into physical consciousness, you are given new rules, a new mission and as great variety of challenges to overcome.  We wish you to understand that those of you who are stepping to the fore as qualified World Servers, have had vast experience throughout this Universe and its many Sub-Universes.  From the time this Universe began to expand, select Star Seeds were transplanted, like yourselves, from other time zones and Sub-Universes to oversee and assist in unique programs designed specifically for humanity and other life forms.  The primary Divine Mission of these special groups of Star Seeds, is to lead the way for those ready to evolve into the next level of expanded consciousness, as an infinite number of cycles and Divine programs come to completion.

The co-creative process is very difficult on the physical plane of expression, and it takes great courage and wisdom to advance out into the unknown, to have a veil placed over your memory as you begin your earthly experience within a broader spectrum of Light and Shadow.  Your skills and true identity were hidden within your Sacred Heart and Mind and often were not apparent until later in life after you begin to awaken to the nudging of your Higher Self.

The ascension process for the Earth and humanity is unique in many ways.  First of all, it is an accelerated path of ascension that has never before been offered.  Also, for those of you who are the Way Showers, for this Round of Evolution, your earthly contract/mission contained Memory Seed Crystals of awakening, which would be triggered by a Divine Light were to be activated by your Higher Self and downloaded into your conscious awareness, when it was time for you to begin your journey into Self-discovery.  If you will look back over your lifetime, you should be able to recognize the times when your Higher Self and Angelic guides nudged you toward a certain direction or created unexpected events and dispensations to encourage and assist you in gaining knowledge and developing special skills.  You have never been alone, Beloveds.  Your mission was and now is too important to leave you to your own devices.  The grand strategy for ascension has been orchestrated and supervised from the very beginning by our Father-Mother God, the great Cosmic Councils of Light and the Legions of Angels who Over Light and direct the creation and expansion process of our Sub-Universe.

Many of you have experienced extreme tests and challenges during this lifetime in order to prepare yourselves for your ultimate earthly mission.  However, you agreed to face the full measure of your shadow side, once and for all, in order to be qualified to participate in this extremely difficult and important mission: the ascension of Earth and the human race, along with all facets of our Sub-Universe.

Yes, you were programmed at the deepest Soul level to seek ascension and the Light. However, you, the Way Showers who are now stepping into the role of World Servers, were also informed that even though you would strive with all your heart and being to ascend into the Light during this lifetime, you must agree to remain on Earth in a physical vessel as long as necessary in order to help anchor the Refined Creator Light.  Have we not told you over and over again that you are the sentinels, the transducers and conveyers of The Light?

The Adamantine Particles of Light are magnetized and directed to those whose energetic signatures and Soul Songs are attuned to the higher fourth-dimensional levels and above, and these Divine Light Particles must be activated by your compassionate, unconditional loving energy.  The ascension process for the Earth and humanity cannot be realized without all of your Bearers of Creator Light.

We encourage you to visit often and spend time in the various Pyramids of Light we have told the messenger about over the years and to also visit the Celestial City of Light that Over-Lights your area and country of the United States of America.  In your work pyramid, you may envision and create anything your heart desires, which is in harmony with your Divine Blueprint and for good of all.  Here also, is where you can join with your Higher Self to gain assistance in resolving the troublesome problems in your daily life that you are seeking to return to harmony.

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