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Re-Consecrate Yourself Daily

By the Beloved Archangel Raphael

Dearly beloved and blessed ones who are consecrated in heart, mind, soul, spirit and body to the redemption of our Earth, I greet you today in behalf of the kingdom of the Archangels which represent the pressure of the buoyancy of feeling of joy in service to God and to imprisoned life everywhere!  

In order to tie into the Ray of Consecration and pour its blessing and benediction to the evolutions of the Earth while we are with you today. I would like to bring out an important point of instruction on the Law of Consecration.

What is the very first thing that your own individualized I AM Presence did when it first felt and cognized itself as “I AM”? Have you thought on this? Before any other activity took place, your individualized I AM Presence knelt before its God-parents in gratitude for life and self-conscious intelligence and asked for a consecration of that life, wheresoever it might choose to serve, through the use of its God-given free-will.

Thus your God-parents, in response to your free-will request, did so consecrate all the life you might ever use through all the ages of time to the fulfilling of God’s plan in any sphere, realm or planet into which your enthusiastic search might take you.

Now the Holy Christ Self, being a part of your individualized I AM Presence, is also a being who, of its own free-will, has asked for and received the God consecration of its life. Of course, it has no desire to use its own free-will destructively, releases to and through you the life which animates your outer personality and soul, constantly and silently awaiting your request for its assistance and to be allowed to radiate through you.

However, the personality, the soul and the four lower vehicles need RE-CONSECRATION, because, although in the beginning they were part of the plan of Divinity, they descended in vibration below the rate of the natural harmony of the kingdom of heaven and its right use of life, misusing the pure energies of God. Thus they became part of the human creation in Earth’s atmosphere, being part of the creation of the personal karma, which certain lifestreams have to handle and, one day, transmute. So the four lower bodies must be RE-CONSECRATED to serving God. When such consecration is made, it follows a distinct pattern. Such pattern begins to manifest when the outer consciousness (personality) decides firmly within itself, that it will serve God according to its best capacities. Then it is illumined as to how to use its talents, virtues and assets at hand to fulfill that plan (again according to its best capacities). Following that, there begins to stir within it a great love for God, for man and for all living things.

Next, the consciousness experiences the feeling of selflessness and that great desire to surrender completely to God. This is the most difficult of all the initiations and it takes place in the Fourth realm where self (the full accumulation of all the energy used by the four lower bodies-for the Holy Christ Self, Causal Body and I AM Presence have always been consecrated only to perfection!) is completely, willingly and lovingly surrendered to the God-Presence, “I AM”.  At such time the outer self is ready for consecration and it is my great opportunity then to come with my angels for the purpose of re-consecrating the life energy as it flows into the flame within the heart, re-consecrating the feelings and the mind, the etheric body and the various avenues in the flesh form through which the life flows into the senses.

PLEASE DO NOT BE DISTURBED IF THIS ACTIVITY OF CONSECRATION HAS TO BE REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Beloved ones forgive me if I remind you that you have consecrated your life again and again all through the centuries to just what you thought was having a happy time. You see, you cannot consecrate your mind, heart, soul and the members of your physical vehicle ( eyes, ears, lips, hands, feet, etc.) just once, for you have not yet the momentum builded to allow you so to do! Even though I were to come often and pour that green essence of God-consecration into, through and around you as a blessing, remember that HABIT IS ENERGY USED OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN until it is a momentum more powerful than you have any idea. Now, those habits of the ages, which have been developed by the personality are not going to let go of you and your energies just because you place your hand upon the altar, not because you have placed your heart in my keeping.

THEREFORE, RE-CONSECRATE YOURSELVES DAILY! If your eyes behold iniquity, YOU KNOW WHERE I AM! Just say silently, “ Father, forgive me for the transgression of your Law of love. BELOVED RAPHAEL, RE-CONSECRATE MY EYES TO SEE ONLY PERFECTON.”

If you listen to gossip, or discord, letting it record in your feelings to make them “boil”, just stop for a moment! WITHOUT ANY SENSE OF CONDEMNATION (you know, you have been doing these discordant things for hundreds of thousands years!) say: “Father, forgive me for the misuse of your great sense of hearing. Beloved Raphael, re-consecrate my ears so that I may hear only the Music of the Spheres, the divine voice of my Presence, the Ascended Masters and the sounds of harmony!”

If your hands are impatient and in gesture you release anger, which is a red flash in the atmosphere about you, (and only God’s blessing and the protective radiation of some Ascended Master has kept those hands from doing worse than gesturing impatiently!) all right! Hold your hands at rest for a moment and say silently: “Father forgive me for the motive which animated that impatient gesture, for any harm, I have done to life thereby, any feelings I have hurt. Transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of that form as it left my hand and consecrate my hands only to bless.”

If your lips and your tongue (that unruly member), continue to use sharp words even though you have consecrated your self to expanding only God’s love and comfort to life, self-condemnation, regretfulness and all manner of depression is not the remedy here! Thank God you still have a tongue for-do you know that there were ages in the past when the priests and priestesses of the Temple of the White Order were forced to remove their own tongue, if they issued a single negative word! Now, in your case, that is not required. Just look at the mercy of life, you still have your tongue after you have flashed forth your impatient remarks many, many times. So if this has happened again, just say: “ Father, forgive me for saying that unkind, impatient or thoughtless thing. Thank you for the gift of your voice and your life and re-consecrate the power center of my throat, my vocal cords and my tongue, to carry only the messages of harmony.”

What if you have to repeat this? Paderewski did not become a master musician in one day! None of the unascended chelas becomes perfect in just one hour, but it is the keeping at it that counts.!

Now, it is the same thing with the feet and any of the organs of the body. If there has been error, of course it is not permanent. The God of Mercy who created and has sustained you all through the ages, has provided a way and means by which you can wipe out that error and replace it with that which will help you to fulfill your divine plan. The only lifestreams, which are in really in danger are those who do not wish to pick themselves up, dust off their knees and try again. WE ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO YOU AT YOUR CALL! WE ARE WLLING TO HELP! You have learned a good deal now about our specific services and I shall be glad to re-consecrate any member of your vehicles twenty or more times an hour, IT IS MY REASON FOR BEING! That is why I am in the universe and am one of those who is assisting in the freeing of Earth’s evolution at this time. Now, this is a great fallacy in the outer world. May feel that the consecration of baptism and christening is the salvation of the soul throughout the entire life. None of these activities of the Sacred Fire, beloved ones, can be done JUST ONCE, unless it would be done by a Being wholly without karma like the beloved Jesus was in his final embodiment here, or like Gautama.

Now, self-consecration is head and shoulders above the consecration of life by another. For instance, you render a great service when you call for the consecration of the lifestreams which are about to embody. You also render a great service when you consecrate (with or without request) children who have just been born. However, when the soul-self of the outer consciousness asks for consecration of its own free-will, and desires willingly to co-operate with that consecration, then you have a spiritual partnership between our realm and yours which cannot be destroyed.

You see, an activity of the orthodox religions which is not to well understood is the baptism and christening of an infant, before that lifestream has come to a point of self conscious intelligence where it can make its own decision. (You see, that lifestream has free-will with which not even God himself will interfere, for only by the use of that free-will can that lifestream fulfill its own reason for being). In the average case, an individual is baptized as an infant (or christened or consecrated) in the faith of its parents and, of course, that is a blessing because wherever such a baptism or christening is given, we give as much as the Holy Christ Self of all concerned will allow. But, in the New Era and the New Day, every lifestream which wants to be consecrated to God and baptized in the name of the Holy Spirit, will ask for that activity of its own free-will without coercion whether he is ninety or he is nine!  When that request comes forth from the chelas, I shall stand there, wherever the request is made and give that CONSCIOUS CONSECRATION AND BAPTISM WHICH HAS YET TO COME FORTH IN THE NEW ENDEAVOR BECAUSE NO ONE THOUGHT ABOUT IT ENOUGH TO ASK FOR IT! (I am really transgressing on the Law here by putting this into your minds, for you should use your own initiative to ask for it!)

I now enfold you in the most powerful radiation of Mother Mary’s and my love, thanking you for having been pliable enough to assist thus far.

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