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Why Taos?

Taos is unique in that it is a foci of Light on our planet  has been for eons of time, though somewhat unrecognized by common man. There are grid lines in the Earth called ley lines they are magnetic in nature, and there are grid lines above us known as the Unity Grid, electric in nature. Taos is a point of Light in the Unity Grid that is so imperatively needed for the Earth to Ascend into the higher frequencies that are upon us now ( fifth dimensional). My wife Hannah and I were God commanded by the Company of Heaven to create a Sacred Light Center that mirrors the Temple in the Etheric realm above Taos. With the Center now established it will assist in the transformational changes that are ever prevalent now, and will serve ALL life everywhere especially Mother Earth and all contained therein.It will, in fact, produce Unity Consciousness, desperately needed to fullfill the Divine Plan of Mother Father God and The Company of Heaven. We left our familiar and comfortable surroundings and my wife took upon herself the challenge of completing a task that was God ordained, even before she descended into form. Her skills for design were utilized for the greater glory of God and mankind. Truly she put forth an effort that is highly regarded as one of personal sacrifice of time, energy, and LOVE.
Our mission is simple to assist people in remembering thier true selves, to connect them with their God Selves, so that they can be conscious creators of their reality, to empower them to realize the highest teachings, and to use the Laws of God that govern our system of worlds to create Heaven on Earth thereby ushering in the Golden Age of Light, that has already dawned upon our world.

A Violet Flame room that can be used for meditation, working with the Violet Flame of Transformation ( Freedoms Flame), that removes old lingering thought patterns of lack, decay, sickness, and dis-ease are offered, thereby transmuting karma from all lifetimes, through the Law of Forgiveness, thus allowing one more freedom to express thier dreams and desires into fullfillment. This is the only one we know of in the Southwest, and in some cases further.
I AM honored and feel a sincere desire to serve God and man selflessly, for this is the highest expression of life anyone can do, with the life afforded him by the Source of All life. I AM always guided by the Ascended Master's, Angels, and Spirit Guides and have been for over 25 years now, and have earned the privilege to receive the Teachings they ( Ascended Masters), all used to Ascend into the super human, or Divine. I AM no better than you nor am I less than you, I AM your equal. Everyone has the innate desire to know and remember their connection to Source Energy, that is now being accelerated in all of us. We are here to create a new world of Love, Light,Peace, Harmony, Joy, and Onenes with all life......with each other and our beautiful Mother Earth.
An example of the Teachings:   The Love in one us is the Love in all of us. There's actually no place where God stops and you start. Love is energy an infinite continuum. Your mind extends into mine and everyone else's. It doesn't stay enclosed within your body. "My beloveds, do you not see---what real mastery --actually is. We in the Ascended State---can control the atomic structure of our world, as a potter controls his clay. Every electron and atom in the Universe is obedient to our desire and command because of the God power by which we control it and of which---we haved earned the right to be the Directors.

 Mankind in the unascended state marvel at these things but I tell you, it is no more effort for us to change the appearance and activity of our bodies than it is for the ordinary human being to change his clothes. The unfortunate condition in human consciouness that keeps individuals in thier self created limitations is thier attitude of mind---which either fears or ridicules what it does not understand or what is still worse in it's ignorance says....."That is impossible". A thing may not be probable under certain human conditions--but the GOD SELF-----which is The GREAT LIGHT can change all human conditons..... so nothing is ....impossible.

 Every individual has The Divine Flame of Life within him, and THAT GOD part of him has Dominion whever he moves in the Universe. If he because of his own mental inertia, will not exert the necessary effort to re-order his age old habits of mind and body----he goes on bound by the chains of his own forging, but if he chooses to know the God WITHIN himself and allow the GOD SELF control of his outer activities. He will receive the knowledge once more of his Dominon over all substance, which has been his since the beginning........                          Master St. Germain 1/19/10

 I live in the perfect place Taos, to nourish my spirit and my physical, mental and emotional bodies. I always listen to, and follow my Spirit in every endeavor, therefore, my decisions, and actions are for the highest good of All. I love Taos because of the beauty of nature, the animals, the fowl of the air ( Hummingbirds, Eagles, Hawks, Owls, Vultures and song birds), the rivers and streams. It is an ideal place to live year round, and to me no one season is better than the other. As an art community there are many craftsmen here and very skilled, but alas it is now time to hone, and sculpt the Temple of the Living God in you, found in the hearts of all mankind. To plant seeds in the consciousness and give attention to them until thier fruition in our daily lives. The Heart of the Sacred Heraling Arts Center, is one such place to attain the virtues that so many are seeking and yet to find. Here they will experience that everything is Sacred, and learn how to express harmoniously with their enviroment and relationships where they abide. I AM a Messenger of the Kingdom.... Anthony


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