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The Wave Is Coming! Tsunami!

Its Meaning, Cause and Invaluable Gift...
The increase of Love and Compassion and Mankind coming together to help one another Without limitations of Borders, creeds, dogmas, or hidden agendas.

Scientifically we know what causes Tsunamis and even this one can be accurately defined in terms of its cause from a material aspect. Spiritually the non-material aspect of this cause is what needs to be revealed so as not to incur or co-create another disaster with loss of life as a result.

We are always creating through our thoughts and feelings both individually and collectively as a group of sentient beings known as lifestreams/humans. Science is beginning to acknowledge the spiritual truth that we are all one, that we all have the same DNA at a fundamental level. We are interconnected; we all share the same God gene (God Code), by Greg Braden. Using the power of prayer and conscious intent we can positively affect change at very deep levels not only within ourselves but within our world as well...states “Dr. Masuru Emoto” in the Message of Water. There is enough studies and documentation available to show you that the power of prayer filled with love works.

There is a difference between prayer as most of us have been taught early on when we pray asking God to solve a problem and then following the prayer with feelings of doubt. True prayer is a Thank You to God for it already being done and in acceptance of the healing that was desired.  The Ancient Sages and the Ascended Masters all do the same, they affirm with faith of knowing and hold the feeling of the healing they wanted to see accomplished as already done.

Science is now discovering that through our feelings of love and compassion or hate and fear we are literally creating changes either positive or negative. They are finding that the feelings we harbor and project within consciously or unconsciously effect our reality both personal, familial and globally too!

We can create a new world of peace, harmony, order and great opulence for all by using our feelings to produce thoughts that when consciously created by enough lifestreams, make positive change inevitable. We must put our hearts into our prayers and feel with deep love and compassion, not accepting the current realities as being Ok... There is so much disparity, just look at the areas most devastated by the Tsunami, this area has been held captive by poverty, infant mortality and malnutrition at unconscionably high levels; that for large parts of the population life is no that different than it was 200 years ago. An opportunity is available now to Indonesia, Shri Lanka and India the three hardest hit countries as well as the other Asian countries, 11 in total that were affected by this massive force of energy.

Energy the Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Ethers are 5 in number as shared by the ancient sages of the Bhagavad-Gita namely Lord Krishna. These areas were not like their western counterpart, who use joint forces to combat tragedies. Tragedies were all too commonplace here and accepted with literally no insurance to speak of, few charities, cash weak governments and limited media attention...  

This has all changed as we are now witnessing a major influx of media coverage, the global effort to save lives and to rebuild a new nation that otherwise couldn’t have on its own. To bear witness to the caring, love and deep concern for the survivors is revealing that we as a society of individuals can resource at God Speed and fill the needs of others less fortunate. We are they creating more opulence for ourselves by our giving our tithing to those in despair, the Law is ensuring, infallible in its application be it used consciously or unconsciously matters not.

So let us begin now with a short invocation and a discourse from Sananda, the Ascended Master Jesus Christ one of our World teachers, the other present is Ascended Master World Teacher Lord Kuthumi


The Tsunami Beloveds: happened as a result of your current states of consciousness, both collective and individual. There were and still are many hidden agendas, and many emotions welling up inside of lifestreams due to the actions of a few misguided selfish entities residing in your realm. Through wanton disregard for the truth and their insatiable appetite for the material and self-gratification and their secret activities, must now be revealed and brought to an end. 

Water represents emotions, spirituality, purification and refreshment. If the water is clean, then perception and the spirit body are clean. If it is muddy or murky as in the case of a Tsunami, it means your spiritual progress has been collectively murky as well. It also takes wind to form a Tsunami and thought is associated with the air, a greater portion of your thinking is rising and beclouded and intentionally confused, so that you literally become at a standstill without knowing what action to take. Even though your feelings are welling up inside you of confusion, desperation or helplessness as if what you can do, won’t matter anyway. Even more importantly, fearing to do something. If you do, the ramification you could suffer personally as a result outweighs you doing anything at all. By standing by passively doing minimal, if at all anything to consciously change the situation. 

True, everything over time does take care of itself but even truer is the conscious creation or co-creation of heaven on earth now more needed than ever before. Why now than ever before? Why now than ever before, because we never had as many lifestreams who are ready and willing and able to do the conscious co-creation of Heaven on Earth. The perfect will of God radiating out into the world of form. It would be possible at this point of consciousness evolved on your planet for you to group together as this Tsunami has revealed to co-create the seeming impossible and to really care for on another. How the resources are there for all to have is being clearly demonstrated by all factions of life. Wrest ye not with the appearance there is more good that will result and the lifestreams who left were offered safe passage to the Higher realms for their Divine service to the Kingdom.

Why the Earth as a starting point or the core of this Tsunami? Know its cause was the wave; its effect the so-called devastation and loss of life so called by the materialistic that understand not the immortality of the Spirit. The material is and always will face annihilation in some form, for it is constantly changing and decaying as well. If the Spirit is in God command and the Intelligent Activity then decay is impossible as in disease and aging. This you must know and learn so that you can demonstrate through your vehicle this truth. The Earth was the starting point for it is the foundation and the densest of the so-called energies and domain. This also allowed us, the Spiritual Hierarchy, to avoid an untimely pole shift that was likely to occur based on your present course of consciousness. 

Many things were known and they were not of a good nature and yet through ignorance allowed.  How easily you were and at present still [are] being manipulated so that [only] some can achieve power, fame, glory, and materialistic gain. You cater to the world of form as more real [and] more tangible because you are still being led by your own lower nature and the lower senses, five in number. How this constitutes your entire reality and consumes all of your energy in such wasteful regard.  Your bodies need to be purified from within out, your emotions that are welling up inside you, that are bottled up so to speak must now be purged from your consciousness.

Your thoughts must be lifted to a higher train of thought where all are taken care of, where everyone is your responsibility because we are all part of the one. The disparity of resources has reached its end. You must now learn how to share all that you have with one another. This is the ultimate lesson being afforded to you now. A new source of leadership must be made available, for the present has brought you your current situation. This is not condemnatory at all, for all have made mistakes; it is to grow from the seeming error and evolve into a higher state of being instead of continuing with the result will change.

Unless consciousness changes nothing can be expected to change. Unless perception is made now clear, wrong choices will continue. When there is mass loss of life, it is indicative of a destruction warning of a coming event or in this case also being symbolic of the death and destruction of a project or venture involving many people such as a large business effort. This can be a precognition of something that cannot be changed such as the sinking of the Titanic, but that in reality can be avoided. Many people dreamed of this event and were forewarned by signs they acknowledged some cancelled their reservations. It most definitely is something that can be changed through prayer and minimized or at its ultimate creation made not to pass.

If you receive a message on the inner plane that is vivid, strong and clear, know beloveds it is unchangeable, unavoidable as many fled the night before, the day of and even in the moment of happening. If this passes, hold your attention unwavering to the crown of your head and picture the celestial heavens. Connect with your Mighty I AM Presence and be spared any pain or suffering as a result of this simple action.

Remember also that a Tsunami cosmologically from the Higher perspective means extreme emotional upset, the urgent need to correct the problem (changing consciousness) forgive, change or release your emotions beloveds before great damage is done or before you are completely overcome. You have as a collective consciousness all been feeling the impact more frequently of one another’s actions, thoughts and feelings, no one is exempt, save those lifestreams who have achieved self mastery in the principles of the Mighty I AM Presence, also in the White Pillar of Light that protects them unmistakably from human thoughts and feelings of a lower nature. It is possible and becoming for you to investigate these principles for if you are to remain and live as a God free being in the terrestrial plane, this wisdom is much needed and requisite to your livelihood, protection, clearing of emotions, and thoughts of a lower nature and your personal Ascension into Christhood.

In the wake of the Tsunami we have flooded homes meaning collectively and individually your consciousness feels overwhelmed by emotional upheaval. The flood is indicative of uncontrollable overflow of feelings and emotions pouring out on everything and everybody in its path, or a definite warning that your pent up passions are about to turn loose and spill out in all directions. To alleviate this you need to release these in a peaceful manner so as not to harm yourself or another before they overwhelm you. 

The polluted water represents your Spiritual flow has been tainted, by other people’s ideas and beliefs, you must now go back to the Source. Many bona-fide Spiritual Masters and Messengers are available for you now on your terrestrial plane and many more Guardian Spirits this year will be awakening to their reason for being and offer great assistance in this glorious much needed connection. The lack of water that followed came to remind you that you are neglecting your Spiritual nourishment and in most cases that you need to seek a new source of fulfillment spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

Harken ye to the voice of Spirit and be of good cheer. We will come to enlighten, to quicken and awaken lifestreams to their purpose of life, to love all that is, for all is good. When we tend to only see good the good is always revealed. Have you not heard it said God created everything and when he looked upon it and it was all good? Did we not say much good [would] come as a result of this action? Nothing can come to pass in the material form without the consent of Higher forces both individual and collective, planetary and galactic ad-infinitum to the Godhead of the system.

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