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Beloved Victory Addresses the Group of "I AM" 

Beloved Children of the Light, how greatly I rejoice with you in your great intense Love, your enthusiasm, your determination to have Freedom--- the Action of Light!

Tonight, in speaking to you, two activities will take place. You will hear My Words expressed by the Messenger, but you will not see My Currents of Energy entering your feeling world! You might feel Them and probably will, but you will not see Them. The Powers of Life, even in your human octave are invisible. You see the manifestations of Life, but the Inner acting Power and Currents of Energy, even through your outer electricity, you do not see acting. You accept the electricity as a fact and you sue those Mighty Currents of energy. You know, they can produce light and heat when properly controlled, or they can destroy Life. They can destroy the greatest buildings in your city! Then it is a matter of conducting, controlling, governing the Power of the Invisible Currents of Life!

You are dealing with Currents of so much Higher Power than the currents thru your electric wires, that there is no comparison. You believe that electricity can produce so-called death and destruction; and from the human standpoint it does often occur. Today, in calling forth the currents of Energy, the Power of Life from your Mighty God Presence----the “Mighty I AM”, you are dealing with Tangible, Powerful Currents of Energy, beloved students. If you do not understand the Absolute Necessity of Self-control, thru your outer efforts in obedience to the Powers of Life which you call forth, you will find yourselves in difficulties.

The Messengers have so instructed the students throughout these years, to guard and to have Self-control, but how many have really done it? Many determined right then and there on the first hearing, to take command of the outer-self and give obedience to Life, which is Self-control! This is very vital, it is very important to you, beloved ones! You might say to Me: “Oh dear, I have struggled, I have tried, but I do not seem able to hold my Self-control.” That is just human opinion! That is really not the Truth! You might honestly believe it is, but I say to you it is not; because every one within himself or herself has the Power Of Life beating each Heart! Your Life is the Power of Self-control; only you don’t quite believe it! Do you see?

It is True, quite True, dear ones! The Power Of Life in your Hearts giving action to the organs of your bodies, which enables you to speak, to make Decrees, give your calls to Life, is Life in Action! Do you not see that? Do you think it is just your intellect which is making the call? Of course thru your voice and intellect the sound is being made, the thought is acting; but still the Power back of that, is your Life which is actually beating each Heart.

Therefore, beloved ones, try to earnestly before you begin any application, to show yourselves, your outer self, how and why your Application cannot fail! It is the Power of Life issuing the Decrees, making the call! It is the Power of Life fulfilling It, and how in the world can It fail to be answered? It cannot!

Now let us get right down to business, for We want to anchor tonight in your feeling world a Power of Confidence, of Assurance, of Determination in your feeling world, which will say to your human self everytime it asserts itself; “ Shut up and sit down! Get out of the way here! The Power of Life is now going into action, and is taking Its Dominion! You have had your day! Now be quiet!” As you do this, you will find your Ability of Life----to silence all human thoughts and feelings and give you the Mastery and Self-control which is required!

I say to you, beloved ones, believe Me, you cannot go beyond a certain point, without this Mastery and Self-control! I mean by that thru outer effort! You have the confidence, the determination, the assurance that your Application produces results right at once. If it does not at first, don’t be discouraged; for at the same time, you must keep calling forth the Instantaneous Action to your call, which is the Power of Life answering!

Allow Me, if you will, to give you this Assistance tonight, for My Currents of Light and Energy go to every one of you, and you are carrying My Power of Victory! I have not known anything else for century upon century! I have made a very Special Effort tonight, to guard, to govern these Currents, so I might stand forth before you tonight, almost visible, in order to carry more powerfully My Currents of Energy into your feeling world; for in Our Love for Saint Germain, as well as yourselves, because of His Mighty Effort for the people of America and the world, We are doing everything the Law, the Great Cosmic Law, permits to hasten the Victory of His “I AM “ Students everywhere!

Were you to see from the Invisible standpoint, you would agree with Me, that never in the history of the Earth was such a thing known or attempted. Because you do not see Us, because you do not see Me standing here, does not mean that “I AM” not here, and very Tangible! That is what you as students need to feel. You think it is all right, but to feel is more important! Therefore, I say to you tonight, FEEL Our Reality! You do not have to see a thing to have the feeling of its Reality! That is why so many of you are experiencing such happiness, because you are really feeling the Reality of your “I AM Presence” and Our Reality!

Do you realize that it is impossible for you to direct your attention to Myself, or some of the Others of the Ascended Host, and not receive back Our Direct Current, as it would be for the Sun to stop Its Action? It is Life, My dear ones! It is Life and that is all the Messengers have ever talked about! We are Life, the same Life which is flowing into and thru you! We have gained Our Freedom by the Same Identical Application which you have before you! It IS the Same Application which you have before you! It is the same application throughout the centuries, throughout all civilizations, throughout the ages! When you come into the Great Reality of the Truth, It is so simple, so far as Its Worded Expression is concerned, that any child may understand It, because extraordinary language is but mankind’s attempt to cover or make mystical the truth, which is so simple!

You will remember, beloved ones, in reading Unveiled Mysteries, it was Myself  who came forth and issued that Mighty Edict for the Earth! Do you think I would issue an Edict for the Earth, unless I had the authority? Do you think We, as Perfect Beings, would overstep any bounds or would try to exploit Ourselves before humanity? Oh no! You will notice that We are not affected by human opinions. People may think well of Us or ill of Us, because it is quite the same to Us, so far as We are concerned, but it is vastly different to you!

If you think discordant thoughts and feelings, discordant feelings toward anything, to the degree you allow that to act within your feeling world, are you depriving yourselves of that Freedom! There is no getting away from this. I wan to talk to you so clear and straight tonight, that you will have this Power is such almighty action in your feeling world, you will never be deprived again of anything you call forth; for you know the Law! You know a destructive quality will produce destructive action in your world. Constructive qualities, feelings and determination, bring the Infinite Power of Light into action in, thru and out into your world; to harmonize and let the Full Power of Life flow forth to produce Its Great Perfection for you. There is no stopping it!

Oh my dear ones, you believe, or have in the past, that persons, places or conditions could harm you; could interfere with you or could delay your progress---Oh wipe it out! Wipe it out of your memory! In the Understanding of your “Mighty I AM Presence” called into action, there is no power of human creation individually or collectively which can interfere with It, because It is the Power Of Light that knows no opposite. It goes into action, in to Its objective and does Its Perfect Work! Therefore , I say to you beloved ones, do not doubt your application; do not doubt the Power of Light to answer It; but stand in the fullness of Its Mighty Power, and let Its work go on and Perfection will be your joy and experience!

That is why I say to you beloved ones, you are dealing with an uncertainty in this great application of Life. You are dealing with the Powers of Infinite Light! Life is Light! Your “ Mighty I AM Presence” is the most Powerful concentration of Light, Power, Energy and Wisdom in the Universe! You are Its Mighty Outpost in the human octave! Is it not strange, is it not most pitiful, that you have not believed this, when beating your Hearts all these centuries, has been this “Great I AM Presence” and Power of Life which knows no opposite, and only because you did not understand, have so far forgotten Our connection, Our reality----that you have believed in everything in the world but your “I AM Presence” of Life?

Is it not strange? Think of it! Mankind in its misunderstanding have so forgotten the Presence of Life, that it believes in everything else but the God Presence of Life; giving Power to everything else but that “ I AM Presence”! Oh dear ones, I plead with you, do not ever do that once again! Do not let your human intellect make you feel, that you can stand any longer in the presence of any destructive thing out here in the human octave! Stand in Your “I AM Presence” of Life, knowing Its Power is flowing forth thru your bodies; and by the Great Projection of those Light Rays, as you see indicated in your “I AM Chart, you can see Those Rays going forth around you and before you everywhere; dissolving all human discord and sending you forth the Ambassadors of Light everywhere you move---the Victory and Power of Life! That is what you want to feel! That is what you want to be! That is what you want to accept in your world, to let It have Its Full Dominion which is the Presence and Power of Life.

Therefore, I say to you beloved ones, all Life is yours awaiting Its Opportunity! “I AM “ going to digress just one moment to remind you of something. Rejoice with Me, that many of you here tonight, have called forth with such earnestness, that you have charged your feeling world  with a Power of Light, you would not believe possible, even from Me! It is right there ready, to find action in your world with just a little more determination upon your part--- possibly a little more application. Won’t you believe Me, when I tell you it is True? At present, you would think it is incredible, but it is not, because I see It there!

Why did I make this Special Effort tonight, to come more into Tangibility? In order to give you this Assistance! In order that I might see the requirements from within your octave; to give the Assistance which would be helpful. Tonight, be sure in your feeling, you are accepting This which “I AM” offering; and I trust that “I AM” not imposing anything upon you! I would indeed feel chargrined, if I thought so! 

“I AM” talking to your Hearts, not your intellects, and your Hearts “I AM” very grateful, are responding beautifully. Isn’t it joyful to look into each others Hearts and see what is really there? Oh no! Oh No, there is nothing psychic or spiritualistic about that! It is just the Law of Life, dear ones, in Its Perfect Action! Don’t you see there is nothing mysterious about Life? Life is the most Beautiful Perfect Thing in this world; and it is the Producer of all Perfection and Beauty which ever has been.

There above you, precious ones, is your Higher Mental Body---so Beautiful, so Perfect and All Powerful, and It is just awaiting for enough Harmony to be maintained long enough in your feeling world to say: “ All right my child, now you have given sufficient obedience; so I will begin to release My Great Powers into manifestation, into your use; because I could not trust you with Them before you governed your feelings, could I”? Your Heart says ;”of course not”!

This is just the position of all today! I say this for such Great encouragement, to thousands and thousands of the “I AM “ Student’s over America and the world; that so much is being gathered by your calls to the “I AM Presence”, and just a little more effort at Self-control and Harmony held in your feeling, would release the Great Outpouring of this called forth! It is magnificent, beloved ones! Oh, you are no longer the prey of discordant conditions. You are no longer the prey of limitations of any kind, because you are coming to know Life in Its Infinite Power.

Therefore, I say to you----arise and FEEL this as I say it: “ Arise in the Power of your own Life, your “Mighty I AM Presence” I say: “Mighty I AM Presence, take your Dominion in the feeling world of these beloved ones! Charge it with Your Great victory and Power! I charge it with My Victory, Its Eternally Sustained Power, Its Courage, Its Strength, Its Confidence, Its Power of Action into the human octave; to bring into action now, the Glory and Victory of Life which has waited so long, to find Its Expression thru these human forms---to be the Out-picturing of Life now and forever sustained.” Accept that, beloved ones, as your great Action of Life, feeling the Full Power of all It means to you!

You came into this room tonight, and I say this to everyone of you, in the present point of the expansion of your Light; but you shall go forth from this room tonight, a New being, a different Being than you came in! You know that I speak the Truth! You shall know It more and more by the end of this Class!

Do you realize how determined We are in your Victory? Won’t you be just as determined as We are for you to have It, so you will have It! I marvel sometimes, beloved ones, when We are charging forth these Mighty Currents of Energy, when the Hearts of individuals are so good, so fine, yet the feeling is standing still! Now I shall stir up your feelings tonight, so that your feeling takes hold and sets into action These Qualities, which “I AM” pouring into your feeling world!

Beloved ones, you may not all have been present to see it, but I have; and when the moving picture people are ready for great results they say: “Action”. So tonight, I say: “ACTION” within the feeling world of everyone of you, to bring forth now Its Manifestation of Perfection! (Please stand up )While you are standing, I utilize this opportunity to pass these Mighty currents thru your bodies, and ask you to feel the sweeping out of all discord. If there have been disturbances in your bodies, physical discord, pain, distress or illness of any kind, just accept the Fullness of your Outpouring of Life, sweeping out of your physical bodies, and out of your feeling world, erasing cause, effect, record and memory of everything which ahs ever caused disturbance within your physical bodies. If you can accept that in Its Fullness, anything which has ever disturbed you, will be swept out of your bodies; whether it be irritation, disturbance, ill health, lack of strength or whatever it may be! Now is your opportunity to have it swept out of your feeling; and call Its Action to be forever sustained, that Its Power of Action may always find Perfect Expression in, and thru you, and out like a Mighty River into your world of action; to silence all discord and harmonize all, as you move forward the Victory and Power of your own “Mighty I AM Presence.”

Beloved ones, the preliminary work in this Mighty Activity has been completed; and now We are going into definite action! I take this particular locality, to bring something perhaps closer to home in your feeling world. You who have been calling so earnestly, with such a Great Love for the return of these Messengers, have been issuing these Mighty “I AM “ Decrees with such tremendous energy, enthusiasm and Power. Do you know that you have charged the feeling world---I mean into the feeling world of every person, shall I say, of ordinary attainment, with the Charge and the Power of these Decrees? They do not know that outwardly, but you will, when they touch this “I AM” Instruction. Then they will blaze forth like a Light!

We have seen this within the past three months increasing with tremendous rapidity, with extreme Power, and We know the effects. You have no idea in the outer consciousness---you sometimes do feel it momentarily---the extent of your Mighty Work in these “I AM “ Decrees! It is a service rendered to the Earth, which would be absolutely impossible without them.

Now if you really understand, that an “I AM “ Decree issued by an individual or a great group like yours, is an Activity in the mental and feeling world of all mankind, which is ONE! Therefore, Its very individualization must feel some portion of that Mighty Decree throughout the Land! Do you see the stupendousness of why We urge the Messengers to urge you, to issue these Mighty “I AM” Decrees with such a Power, enthusiasm and determination? It is vastly important, for your loyalty to America and its Protection. That has spurred you on to an activity in your application, which you probably would not have gained otherwise! Do you agree with Me? I think you do.

If your beautiful home were about to catch fire, you would try to prevent it before it got started, wouldn’t you? Suppose a fire were creeping up to your beautiful home or building and you had the power, which you would have, to stop that, wouldn’t you do it? The same thing ids acting today in the Power of these Mighty”I AM” Decrees going forth, which dissolve discord.

Do you not see, beloved ones? Let us be so frank with ourselves tonight. There is not a thing in the Universe but human beings who can generate discord, distress and limitation. Nature does not! Oh, mankind have accused Nature of a lot of things for which It was not responsible! Mankind do impose upon Nature their discord, just the same as they clothe their own Power Light, which comes into and thru their physical bodies. “I AM” frank to say that it is not a happy thought, but We have to look at it and look it square in the face, in order to take away from it, its power.

Don’t be afraid of anything which has been acting within you. If you have made mistakes, don’t hesitate to say to yourselves; “All right, I made a mistake! I am ready to correct it, and you are not going to fool me again.” Then you will make mighty progress, but if you think it is impossible for you to make mistakes, especially thru your feeling when you do not know it, then you are making the greatest mistake ever. Because your feelings are acting constantly, and much of the time, your intellect is unaware of a great deal. That is thing over which the “I AM” students today at this point need to stand on guard.

One of the most vital things you, as 100% Students, need to understand today, is to keep calling your “I AM Presence” into action. Remember the Higher Mental Body knows all the requirements of the physical. It knows the Perfection which is waiting to answer and pour forth the Full Quality and the Quantity of Intelligent Energy, required to produce Perfect results. If you on the physical side say: “OH no I did not make any mistake, that was the other fellow”---don’t you see, you are making it impossible for you to accept the fact you do make mistakes, when you are actually making them?

Now, let me remind you in all due respect to our blessed friends the Christian Scientists, the denial of a thing will never in kingdom come, take it out of action! You may push it aside, and many do, but Oh when it comes back! There are thousands of our Christian Scientists today, who have found it coming back and they wonder what is the matter now with the denial when it does not do the work! They have come to the point where they have got to acknowledge the Power and the “I AM Presence” of Life; because the Cosmic Light is saying that; and thank God--- the “Mighty I AM Presence”, and the Cosmic Light, are willing to take that stand!

Now “I AM” going to say something very startling to you, so I give you warning beforehand! Did you ever hear anything about any Release of the Cosmic Light, until Saint Germain brought this forth? Did you ever hear anything about It? No. “I AM” sure no else ever did! Then, there is always a reason! There always has to be a cause for everything, does there not? Well then , where is that cause? Let us find it! Oh, you are going forth with a Mighty Weapon in your hands tonight! Where is that? Why has the Cosmic Light responded just now? It is because you, Beloved People of America—the Children of Light, are making This Mighty Call thru these Mighty “I AM” Decrees! Remember, the Mighty Goddess Liberty and the Goddess of Light are largely responsible for this Mighty Release of Cosmic Light!

Oh, We are not talking about the Cosmic Light the outer scientist refer to, which are the Permanent Streams of energy to the earth. We are talking about the Mighty Cosmic Light---the Self Luminous Substance which is released from the Great Central Sun, to the Planets of this System and to the Earth. We are determined that the other Planes shall not say; “That dark star”, for they have justly said it in the past; because so little Light expanded from the earth. That is why they look upon it as a dark star. We shall show them, with your co-operation, that it is a Star of Light!

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