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"I AM" Ascended Master Youth 

Beloved Students of the Light, My Joy is very great today, in having the opportunity to render, not only the Service and Assistance to you beloved Young People, but to all of you. May I remind you, how tremendous id becoming the means provided to assist you! I think you will appreciate this fully; The God Himalaya is Authority on establishing the Currents of Energy, which contain a Certain Quality of the Rays of Light, which carry and convey to those absent------especially in their feeling world----the Exact Words that We say. Although they might not be able to repeat what We give word for word, yet within their feeling, there is anchored the Quality which is within the Words We convey. The God Himalaya has provided this today, and it will be active throughout the remainder of the Class, so the Young People of America may be reached.

A Part of My Work for the Earth, belongs to the Young People of America. During My Dictation in Washington D.C., some of our beloved Young People here, received the Radiation, even to the Name “Victory”, so you see how clearly there is but One Presence in the mental feeling world of mankind. As you become to be sure of this in your feelings, you will understand that in giving forth these Mighty “I AM “ decrees, Which the “I AM “ Study groups and “I AM” Students individually are sending forth, you are performing a Service for mankind which is unparalleled, and which the outer cannot possibly conceive as yet; even with all the marvels which it has been your joy to experience. As you go forward, your own Light expands and the Power of your own Radiation is intensified. Then will you come to feel these things clearly in your feeling world—as clear as if it were the spoken word; for in your feelings is both sight and hearing.

Don’t ever forget that! If you keep yourself reminded of that, you will be able to receive tremendously more; because in the first expansion of your Light from what We term the ordinary human being, you must necessarily receive first, thru your feeling and then as that intensifies, the day will come when from directly above you, you will hear the Audible Spoken Word! Then you will find no further chance of mistake!

You, who have read Ouspenski’s work, will understand that mans joy—when in his search, he like many others, began to hear all kinds of voices him, which were probably largely entities! He knew something was not right, and he kept on calling. Then all of a sudden above him, this One Powerful Masterful Voice spoke, and from that moment on the other voices around him became silent! That is the experience of mankind today. Do not listen always, beloved ones, to the first voice or words you hear! Be sure they are constructive! You need not fear, that your “I AM Presence” is going to withdraw Its Power, if you wait to be sure you are right! Be sure! Then go ahead! That is important!

Yet today, Freedom from the pressure of human creation, is being given to mankind; which even eighteen months ago, We did not see how it would be possible, but the response of “I AM “ Students has been so magnificent, and the loyalty of their feeling to the Light. Remember as Saint Germain has requested you from the beginning; your first loyalty is to your own Life! No matter how much you love Us or the Messengers, hold your loyalty and attention to your own God Presence---the Mighty ”I AM”, because in that is your Freedom! Whatever We or the Messengers might do, if it were not for your sincere firm loyal attention to your Presence, it would only be a temporary thing! You see that surely!

Therefore, as you give attention to your “I AM Presence” your Higher Mental Body, knowing all that is required for you and what to do, releases Help in answer to your call. If Our Assistance is needed or your call to the Messengers, then your Higher Mental Body will see that it is done. Won’t you feel today, beloved ones, your Higher Mental bodies? For it is the Power, the Intelligence which acts at the direction of the Presence; because your “I AM Presence”, as you are un-ascended beings knows nothing about your troubles down here, but your Higher Mental Body does. It is the most magnificent Presence, and you gentlemen, don’t mind if I say this –you are as beautiful as the ladies. You know “I AM “ commented upon many times for being extremely beautiful; and do you know what produces beauty in form? The out-picturing of divine Love and Blessing and the Harmony maintained within your feeling world!

Perhaps you think We are fairly persistent, but dear ones, the habit which has grown so long in mankind, to criticize the slightest thing which does not agree with your opinion, is the most dangerous thing in the activity of mankind. Beloved ones, mankind is not to blame just at this time, because that is an accumulation of the centuries, those qualities, I mean which have been gathered in the past. You are not wholly to blame for them in this embodiment. It is an acquired accumulated---not only momentum, but It is a quality which has been built into your world and around you, which makes it so difficult today for some individuals to cease doing discordant things.

Now notice! You have the Remedy with the speed of lightning to correct any of those things, if you just keep yourselves reminded, that you must balance by Self-control in the human octave, the Powers you call forth from the “I AM Presence”! If you will keep yourselves reminded of that, it will be a prompting of inestimable value to you. It is the promptings on time, which count.

Let us be so practical today, so you feel each prompting, and stand guard forever over your feeling, so no disturbance of any kind finds action in your feeling. Then, when you call to the Presence you will be able to shut out the discord. Some of our blessed Young People are receiving Transcendent Help. The Divine Director is dissolving as rapidly as possible, all human creation around our Young People and also so many others! Therefore, the Service rendered gives Us very great JoyI rejoice that ere long, the “I AM” Students, even from the beginning, will suddenly come into that practical feeling of just how tangible We are. We are right here and their Higher Mental Bodies are right here, just as tangible as their friends in the physical form; but those Friends who are with your Higher Mental Body will never deceive you, neither will your Higher Mental Body.

Beloved ones, won’t you do yourselves and all of Us who want to help you so much, the kindness today, thru which your Presence will assist you, to hold Complete Harmony in your feelings continuously, until the Out-pouring and flow from your Presence of Its Light, gives you abundance and supplies you with everything your outer self requires? It is the Law of your Life, It cannot help it.

Therefore as the Messenger is transcribing My Words to you, I take advantage of rendering this Service, to give you the Assistance to conquer this, because “I AM” Victory in your feeling world! Will you not accept that? Where Victory reigns in your feeling world, nothing else remains there but Victory!

I do not say this is an experience which may come to you, but it is not impossible, then one day not so far distant, Saint Germain will suddenly find a group---such as this, so harmonious within their feelings, that He can draw aside the curtains, and let you look upon your Higher Mental Bodies—the REAL YOU; and that moment will be your Eternal Victory in the Light! Not that it is necessary fro your Victory, but It would be of enormous encouragement, of that there is no question. So, as We ask you to maintain harmony in your feelings, do you not see it is not with any sense of criticism or arbitrary idea, but because Our Great Love which pours forth, for We know the exact Requirements which would give you the Freedom and Victory so quickly.

Can you imagine how Blessed is your Beloved Saint Germain? Shall I say, as you do, We all take off our Hats to Him? You do not yet realize how that Mighty Being of Light, for more than six hundred years, has struggled to find enough of humanity willing to harmonize themselves, wherein He could render the Service, which He has held steadily thru-out six hundred years. Think of it from your human cognizance of time, what that means! He has stood unwavering in His Determination, that one day He would find enough of humanity ready to harmonize themselves, so he could render that Service for the Earth, which He knew must come. You have been kind enough to respond to His Great Call.

Think of it, in America today, nearly half a million people thru the humble efforts of these Beloved Messengers, have started the Great Awakening, which will become the Great Spectacle for the Earth! Won’t you be patient and go on with your great application, until the Great Cosmic Light releases Its final Mighty Impulse into the Earth, when the curtain between the invisible and the visible is no more? When enough of human creation has been dissolved, then the remainder of the curtain of flesh----otherwise limitations----will dissolve and disappear, and you will walk and talk with Us, as you do with each other!

Sometime when the present great need is completed, We will endeavor to show you all your assistance has meant, to dissolve the discord of Earth. We do not Ourselves wish to keep repeating various things, but We know it is only by such repetition, that you come in to the full Realization of what it means. Today, in this response of mankind, the Glory of it is so great that you must feel Our Rejoicing, for the way is opening very rapidly, when thru the Radio and various other means, will come the Complete Freedom in the giving forth and the expansion of This Light, as the resistance of mankind goes down.

While I have this opportunity to speak to you today, I want to bring your attention again to a point, which is so tremendous concerning the people who willingly or unwillingly oppose the Light. Many, many of these people have said; “Well, you cannot take away from me my own “I AM Presence”. Surely no one wishes to, but this is the thing they do not understand. When they oppose the Light, they shut themselves off from the Radiation of the Ascended Masters. Whether they believe it or not---they do! Furthermore, in the resistance, they shut off the Out-pouring of Perfection from their own “I AM Presence, and only too late will they find that out! That is why if mankind do not agree with This Expansion of Light. if they would only go their way, have no feeling or concern about It, then they would not build a condition which some day will render them asunder, because it is destructive. It is a matter of qualities, beloved ones, not human life, not personalities nor individuals; for it is a power of qualities acting, and if it be destructive, each one must reap it.

Therefore, I say to you in this quiet atmosphere today, keep your attention away from people who oppose the Light in any form whatsoever; or who are antagonistic, if they disagree about something. Because if you allow your attention to be on a destructive quality which seems to be acting in someone else, if your attention holds fast enough on that, you will compel that quality to act within yourself: for “What your attention is upon you become, where your attention is, you are.” This is such a simple Statement, but yet it is the Key to the Powers of the Universe!

Won’t you feel that today? I think it would be magnificent if you would put up a little slip in your room for every little thing that comes up ”Where my attention is there “I AM”. That means your Life is acting there, and “What my attention is upon, I become”. Then you will see the imperative need of keeping your attention upon the “Mighty I AM Presence”, the only place in the Universe where Perfection is, or where it can come from! As you do that, it will make it so much easier for you to silence the feelings, which start disturbance in your feeling world.

You must not mind if We keep reminding you of these things, because We cannot go on to greater Explanation, until mankind conquer that feeling world of theirs. You cannot be Free until you do it! Therefore, when We have these opportunities of talking Heart to Heart to you, it is a very wonderful thing, and you cannot help but feel Our Tremendous Power of Divine Love which enfolds you, and which charges into your feeling world with Tremendous Power. Again today, while the Messenger is transcribing MY words, “I AM” charging into your felling world with definitive Power of Action----My victory, which carries thru My Power of Ascended Master Consciousness, which is a quality of consciousness the human cannot re-qualify. Then I have rendered you a Service which nothing in the world can give, but that Quality!

If you can accept that with the Great Love of your Heart, and in the Great Love with which I give it forth, being fully conscious in your feeling, that it is My Victory of Achievement over all limitations, all conditions which “I AM “ giving you, then Victory is yours! What am I giving you? My life! The Quality I charge into your feeling world, is My Own Life----not an Universal Life, but My Own Individual Life, which “I AM” charging into your world for your Victory! Won’t you contemplate that, until you get the Full Feeling of what that means?

Do you see then, that there is not one thing which can confront you, in the world of human action, over which you do not have dominion? Do you think there is anything in your human octave that won’t bow its head to Me? I mean anything of energy and substance. Don’t you see there is not one single thing in your human octave---because it is energy and substance which you are dealing with, and all energy and substance bows to any of Us, Who are Ascended Beings; because it knows We have become its Master?

Now notice in a lesser degree, when your beloved Messenger turned upon his human self and told it that it no longer had any power, look what happened---how quick he became Free, and he maintained It! That again shows how necessary it is, for you to take your stand against human qualities or any disturbing or discordant qualities which are acting or attempting to act in your world.

If you say to those qualities of action; “Now stop! I will have no more of it! My attention has gone to my “I AM Presence” and it is going to stay there, until that Harmony and Perfection of my Presence holds Dominion in my mind, my body and feeling world.” As you take that stand, you will you will find you will be Master of the situation! It only requires a firm determined stand to conquer those things, which are but qualities generated. It is not just you yourselves who are to blame, but it is acting in all mankind, because these qualities are acting in their feeling world. That is why violence of any kind, whether it is in you individually, or whether it is in groups of people, or a nation, open mankind to the full force of all the destructive element which has been generated by mankind thru the ages!

Do you not see how absolutely mathematically it acts? That is why agitators never do any good in the world! On the other hand, they do extreme harm; and there is no human being who is an agitator of any kind, who is not a claw of the sinister force----remember that! Therefore, in your individual work, Oh I plead with you, do not be concerned what another human being is doing! Just keep calling on the Law of Forgiveness for all mankind; pour forth Divine Love and Blessings to all, and call your “Mighty I AM Presence” to charge everyone of mankind with the qualities of Self-control and Power each needs to cleanse and purify each individual’s world. Then go on serenely in cleansing and purifying your own world. Look neither right or left to what somebody else is doing; but just rejoice, that you are able to serve in the Harmony of your Life! That is the only thing which counts!

As long as individuals allow themselves to be irritated and disturbed, they pour that forth instead of good and Harmony which mankind require. I say to you in such Great Power, within everyone in human form, is God’s Great Good; and if they are left undisturbed, that good will express itself always! How many times the Messenger has found people violently angry and disturbed, and when he laid his hand upon their shoulders, the discord melted away at once. So can you, if you will only train yourselves to be still in emergencies; and if someone speaks unkindly to you, just be still and know; that is not My Presence! That is but the human quality acting; therefore, it has no power to disturb me! It is just another mistake! So we call on the Law of Forgiveness for it, and call all Blessings upon that one, because he or she needs it!

Oh beloved ones, can’t you see how responsible you are? Suppose some of you in this room were in a group of people and one became agitated, violently critical; and you all began to pour out condemnation and criticism upon that individual, because he or she had momentarily yielded to it----don’t you see how you would pile upon that one ten times as much discord as that under which the individual was laboring? Maybe that one did not want to do it, but not understanding, momentarily responded to it. Therefore, if all will leap to the assistance of the other one who is having those difficulties, do you not see how all difficulties would be solved and the help given mankind?

Precious Hearts, FOR A MOMENT, think! Here beating everyone of your Hearts is the Power of Light---Perfection which can never be changed. In your Heart is the Anchorage of that Light, shall we call it for a simple expression. The end of that Stream of Light is anchored within your Heart! It is perfection and you are That! You really are, and whatever else expresses does not belong to you! It is but a human quality somewhere which you contacted!

It is so magnificent! How simple and easy it is to govern all of your world of feeling and activity, if you understand the simplicity of it. It is not complicated, it is not difficult! So will you please feel that? Remember always, when something starts to disturb you: How could that be disturbing, when here is this Great Purity of Light, which knows no such thing! Then this thing which is trying to act in me is a human quality from somewhere. Oh, do not locate it! Don’t try to locate it, dear ones! You know the human has always thought; it is not me, it is the other fellow, but it is the human acting! Don’t do that! You are the governor of your world, and you are so rapidly coming to that point where the clearness of your understanding, will constantly keep you prompted.

I say to our blessed Young People today; Precious Children of Light, let me clothe you in My Victory, so you will always see your Presence clearly in your feeling, and let Its Great Powers flow thru! Beloved Young People of America, with the Understanding of your “I AM Presence”, how to call it into action, and how to maintain Harmony in your feeling, your world can be one of beauty and successful achievement on whatever your attention is fixed, thru an Invincible Power with which no conditions of the outer world can interfere. Just stand firm and unyielding in the Light of your Presence!

Keep Loving Harmony in your feelings, and keep calling your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action, and ere long, that Great Power of Light will flow thru with such a momentum of Power, there would not be the slightest thing in your world to reach your body, to cause disturbance, or cause you to feel limitation of any kind! It is a Great Law of your Life! Remember, there is not one thing un-usual in the Magnificence of Life, even to the Ascension! All of it is practical! It is as practical as anything in your physical world today! If you will look upon it in that manner, you will see how much easier it is to accept the Perfection of Life, as you go on. It is only something of human complication which thinks it is far off.

Do you not see you cannot be separated from Life for a moment? Its Fullness and Power are always ready to flow forth in the outer world. It only requires Complete Harmony in your feelings. Stop of course all human qualification, then everything is Natural, and as you begin to find you can hold that Harmony, your joy is boundless!

Look at the Messenger! Dear hearts, at one time he had a temper I suppose, surpassing most of you, and today not a thing of the outer world holds disturbance or causes him to have one moment’s feeling of condemnation, criticism or any other quality! Therefore, beloved ones, the only thing which ever touches him yet, is if he thinks someone is in danger of failure. Then, he is not able always to shut out that sadness. Even then, that is only momentarily acting, for he arises in the Power of Light and charges forth Its Mighty Victory of the Light to the individual, whom he knows is in danger.

Won’t you do that also for your fellow man? Do not add to their burden under which they are already laboring; but call on the Law of Forgiveness. If they seem to have made mistakes, then call forth the Power of the “I AM Presence”. Won’t you all feel that? Now please hold this definitely---when you want to give assistance to a person, in such a condition, remember your call releases a Light Ray direct from your Higher Mental Body to that individual! That Light ray is the Power of Light Substance which knows no resistance nor interference. It proceeds to render Its Service. Then you are humanly at rest and Free. You cannot thru the human do these things, but if you will make the call from your outer self, and always mentally picture the Light Ray going forth to render the Service, you will see how easy it is to keep your human opinions off the individual personality---and knowing the Light Ray which has gone forth is All-powerful to render Its Service, then everybody is at Peace, Rest and Ease!

Won’t you do that in everything which confronts your Life in the future, and see how quickly such Peace, Rest and happiness will fill your world with success! Because you cannot have success without Harmony maintained in your feeling world! Many times people rebel because they are apparently financially limited. Back in their Life Streams is the only cause. There must have been irritation and rebellion----maybe criticism and condemnation for one reason or another; and that quality is there pushing away from them, the money supply they require.

In every case of that kind, if those blessed individuals would call the “I AM Presence” into action with great firmness, to charge Its Violet Consuming Flame thru their bodies and worlds, especially their feeling worlds; with dynamic power to dissolve and consume whatever quality is repelling their supply, they would find things would begin to pour in, instead of being pushed away. It is the sure remedy to overcome the so-called financial limitations of any human being!  

Beloved ones, your Love is so great, please do not blame anyone else ever again for anything whatever! Just please don’t do it, and see how quick your blessed world will come into Divine Order, and then you will see all the proof your Hearts require that your Freedom is at hand.

I trust your joy is as great as Mine today! I can’t tell you how I love everyone of you and all of our Young People in America. Mark you. I shall find some means of reaching our Young People in the Tangible Form! I shall find some means of reaching them in great numbers; so their attention goes to their “I AM Presence” of Life and be held there firmly! Since We have seen and found this response of mankind, do you think there is anything in the world, We would not do to make this expand with Limitless Power. If We can go this far in the remedying of these conditions among mankind, then We can go on to the Complete Victory, and won’t you all join Us in that Great Consciousness?

Oh, Our Hearts rejoice at the prospects in Europe and the Orient. Oh, beloved ones, with all the feeling of your “Mighty I AM Presence” pour forth a Complete Victory of Peace there! Do you know what it would mean, if suddenly all war in Europe and the Orient would stop under this momentum which is gained? A Transformation almost inconceivable would take place in mankind, because you have the Great Power of the Cosmic Light surging forth at regular intervals now!

Strange is it not---I mean just to human concept, how it has been so regulated. The Messengers knew nothing about it; the Staff knew nothing about it; and yet the beginning of these Classes has been so regulated by the Power of Light, that the opening of each Class will be a Greater Intensification in the release of this Great Cosmic Light! Beginning with this call, there will be a Regular Impulse which will carry on until the opening of the Shrine Class. It will be the Most Powerful Release of the Cosmic Light up to that time, and people from all over the  world will be at the shrine class.

Now in closing “I AM “ going to say something to you, and don’t misunderstand it please. Individuals who are financially able or can call to their “I AM Presence” and have the financial supply provided, when it is possible for them to come into the Radiance of these tremendous Classes, will never know until their Ascension, what each Class means to them! We do not mean that people should feel they must attend all of the Classes of the Messengers, not at all; but where the Presence of Life provides the means and opens the way for you, it is the most Transcendent Blessing, and you will never know how much, until your Ascension.  

Beloved ones, I think I shall say just a word to the Staff. (Staff those who assist the Messengers and US from the Illumined Realms of Truth and Oneness). “I AM “ wondering in My Heart today, if the beloved Staff realize the Sacred Infinite Privilege which is theirs. I shall leave that to them. It is wonderful! Dear hearts, and they are precious ones, the staff. They may not know it, but We know how precious they are. Therefore, so do we know how precious everyone is. You may not always realize that, but We never waver in the knowing, the certain consciousness of that; because We see only your Light! We do not see human mistakes, nor are We concerned with them; but We see Light which is really YOU--your Victory, My Victory in you, of the Light!  I thank you.


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