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Saint Germain to our Beloved Students

Beloved students and friends of I AM, since the Mighty Victory holds the quality of victory and is able to convey It into your feeling world for your activity, I have asked Him to give the dictation, for this your need today!

I want to say to you, how very grateful, “I AM” for the earnest, loyal sincerity with which you are carrying on; and remember, “I AM” students and Group Leaders everywhere----you are not serving Me, you are not serving each other, you are serving the Light for your own Freedom! Please remember that! You are not serving the Messengers, you are serving the Light for your own Freedom, and that is what each one should feel, in order to have the Greatest Results possible!

I cannot tell you how very great is My Gratitude for the wonderful loving kindness and Harmony which you have manifested to the Messengers, which has made their work so easy here, and made it possible for Us to do that which is beyond even Our Fondest Imagination, and that is considerable!

Now, as the Mighty victory talks to you, will you just with all the kindness and calm quiet of your Beings, accept into your feeling world, the qualities which He wishes to establish there, to help you most rapidly on your way to complete Freedom?



Beloved students in the Service which is being rendered to mankind today and your position geographically, I think I should whet your appetites just a little bit. Do you know how close you might be to the City of Light to the Westward? I leave that with you to think over! Do you know where that comes forth on Earth it must be above a certain altitude? Now be careful, don’t jump to conclusions, but it is very encouraging.

I say, you are fortunate living in this altitude, as the Messenger has stated to you, surrounded by vast acreage of country in which there is practically no human creation! Do you know what it represents to Us? It is as though you stood against the Great Wall of Light which lends Its Protecting Powers to you! Truly that is the case.

I say, you have no idea, friends of the mountains, what is in those Magnificent Rockies today! You have heard of the Cave of Symbols and a few places, but I tell you within the heart of these mountains so near you, are things which would lift your hearts forever to the Heights! One day, you will find your great mines which have been in operation and have produced such blessings for mankind, were only just the beginning. So I encourage you, beloved people. If you love the mountains, if you love your financial Freedom, pour out your Love and Blessings to the “I AM Presence” of Life and to all Nature! Then see what Nature will do for you!

Today, there stands before mankind such Power and Speed for their Freedom, and We frankly admit that We are able to do infinitely more than We conceived---I mean considering the conditions which existed in mankind even six months ago. When We chose to come to the Royal Teton, and make our homes there for two years or more to give this Assistance to mankind, you may be sure, We saw the opportunity for the Victory of the Light for you and beloved mankind.

Did you understand fully what the Radiance from the Royal Teton and from the Cave of Symbols means to you, you would understand how great was your privilege and what Power you could call forth for yourselves and your city, to bring about and release that great Perfecting Activity!

You know it is not just an individual affair. While the final Great Perfecting Activity must come thru Individuals, yet you are working as One Great Body. Let Me remind you again today, because it is very necessary. When the Divine Director asks the “I AM” Students throughout America, to follow a certain routine, it means that each one --- all Groups and “I AM” Students---One Great Body of Light; whose released energy from the human octave---from human bodies, is necessary for th Release and Activity of Cosmic Light! As We are taking that up, expanding, intensifying and amplifying It, you will see what that means for all of you.

Beloved students, you might be very wise, but I do not think you are wiser than the Ascended Masters. I know the human, in a great many kinds of whisperings in your ear says: “You can formulate your own Decrees”. Surely! And some go ahead and do it, but those are your words! That is not the same as the Ascended Masters’ words which are Cups that carry Their Qualities!

Allow Me to suggest that you be very careful. Isn’t it strange how mankind just at moments, either thru great enthusiasm or feeling, think they too can receive the same Great Power from their “Mighty I AM Presence”, or think, why should I hold to those Decree which the Ascended Masters have given? Why can’t I rise up, straighten my spine, and receive some too? Surely you can, but you are not Ascended Beings!

Remember that! One day you will be, but you are not yet!

So be careful, Dear Hearts, in replacing the Ascended Masters’ Words with yours. I know you see this! I know you feel it and it is important, very important at this time! Is there anyone here who does not want the most rapid progress possible? If you do not follow that which they ask, how can you have the Greatest Achievement in the shortest time?

“I AM” trying to be practical with you today, so you comprehend and grasp these things, which sometimes sound simple, but they are very vital in your Life! Very! I wanted to take you into My Garden today, but since these things are vitally important, We shall postpone that unitl another time.

It is wonderful, beloved ones, how mankind can just let go of disturbing conditions. They can be released and drop away like an old garment which was disturbing them. That is what happens when they come into the Knowledge of this Great Presence—the “Mighty I AM”. It is True! Do not let this which “I AM” going to say confuse you; but in the accumulations around you, sometimes you have really formed dense garments. As your attention goes to the “I AM Presence” and this Light begins to release Itself in greater volume, one by one those garments let go, and drop into the Violet Consuming Flame!

This Good Messenger before you, in his earlier experience had vivid proof of this, for at that time, when he thought he had to draw the conditions off from the bodies and the feeling world of the individual with his hands, he made many, many discoveries. Many times, as he drew his hands down over those bodies----not touching them---and he would draw off that substance, according to the conditions which existed, would that substance be of very unpleasant colors. He did draw that off! While he did not understand the Unfed Flame, or the Violet Consuming Flame then, yet he understood It as the Fire of God, into which he threw that undesirable substance; and garment after garment was drawn away from individuals who were very ill, and when the last garment was drawn off, they arose well.

Now I wish to show you how you can handle the Substance of Light which some call the Universal Substance. We call It Self-Luminous Intelligent Substance! You can gather that, draw It forth, and spread It over a human form which is ill; and as that one absorbs It, he or she will arise well! How many times in your Life, this Life, have you been so ill at night, and awakened feeling wonderful in the morning? Sometimes, you had a sudden illness in the day, and in a few hours you would be transformed, and be strong and well again. How do you suppose that came about? Sometimes form your own Higher Mental Body was released this Self Luminous Intelligent Substance which just enveloped the body; again someone of the Ascended Masters, seeing the need, projected a Light Ray carrying this Substance, enfolded you in It and the other substance was dissolved. That is how magnificent is your opportunity and your ability today, to cause to be dissolved everything which might limit or distress you, as you call forth these Light Rays.

As We have been rendering this Service to mankind and for the Nation, form the Royal Teton We project these Mighty Light Rays, carrying this Substance and Intelligence.

Beloved ones, when you want to have Peace, Happiness and Rest and have Freedom to love your God as you please and adore It, if there seems to be obstruction in your way, call the “Mighty I AM Presence” to envelope any person, place, condition in Its Mighty Radiance and dissolve the human qualities! It will do it, but don’t doubt It, when you ask It to be done. You sometimes do doubt in your feeling, when you don’t know it intellectually. So watch and see that your feeling is responding to your call every time.

Today, in Our Great Joy in ministering to mankind, We have found such response. If you could see Our Records and how many hundreds of centuries it has been since there was any perceptible response to Our Humble Efforts, then you would know why We often speak of Our Gratitude, each one Of Us, in finding your response today.

Do you think that that is just the response to Us? No, of course not! In one sense it is, but the principal response is in the response to your own Life. It is that in which We want you to be firm and unyielding! We will give every Assistance, but We must have your attention to your own “Mighty I AM”, first and always! Then afterwards, you can make your call to Us, if you like; but remember We cannot allow you to begin to feel you can lean upon Us. You would not have your Freedom and We would do you an injury, because you would begin to lean again on something outside of your own “I AM Presence”! It is because mankind have done this throughout the centuries, that it has brought about all these limitations.

Observe the Messengers in this Life-time. They have achieved more Victory in four years, than they did in all the other years together. Don’t you see what it means knowing the “I AM Presence” is there, by giving It your attention and in calling Its Mighty Intelligent Energy into action? If you see that result in three or four years, then what can be done in as many more? I want you to feel the encouragement of this.

Look upon the mechanical progress of mankind in the outer world progress in forty years. See the transformation which has taken place in your means of conveyance, for instance. When mechanical change and blessing in the speed of conveyance, can take place in forty years, as it has with you, then how much greater would be the speed of the Power of Achievement of the individual, who has direct communication with the Greatest Power and Intelligence of Life? Do you not see, if you have made this great progress in one, two, three or four years, what eight years would be; because every year will more than double the speed of achievement which you had in the beginning! That is the Power  of momentum gained.

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