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Conscious Percipitation of Good

Lord Maha Chohan

The power of precipitation is part of the divine heritage of every individual. Such a one is, in fact, literally precipitated, himself from the heart of the Cosmic I AM Presence into being. The constant flow of life which keeps the individual “I AM” conscious as such a being (intelligent, creative, and directive in nature) is also an activity of precipitation from that Cosmic I AM Presence to and through the individualized I AM Presence of every lifestream is for the express purpose of allowing the individualized I AM Presence to create (in any sphere) that portion of the divine plan which such an individualized I AM Presence has accepted as its reason for being . The individual-ized I AM Presence decides, through the use of its own free-will in which sphere it will act. Then it draws that life required to create sustainable vehicles for its service in any such sphere. Be assured that any such service is GOOD in ESSENCE and in form.


El Morya

Those individualized I AM Presences, who have chosen to create a physical body and serve upon planet Earth consciously will to do so! There is no power that forces any I AM Presence to serve at any level of consciousness except the motivating power of its own desire. Many of these lovely I AM Presences prefer to only serve at inner levels and never take physical embodiment at all. The Great white Brotherhood is primarily concerned with those who so do decide to create and serve the Earth and its evolutions through physical bodies. We have offered to help these I AM Presences to fulfill their divine plan through the physical vehicle, which they have created. This service we render is also an activity of precipitation.

We consciously charge life with the quality of energy, which every individual requires, offering it to that one’s own I AM Presence to release to and through the physical; etheric, mental, and emotional bodies at ITS OWN DIRECTION. Thus the qualities of faith, illumination, divine love, purity, consecration to God”s plan, ministration to man’s distress and purification of the results of his imperfect experimentations with life, all of these are projected by the Cosmic Being, Ascended Master, Archangel or angel, invited by the individual’s own I AM Presence into the world of the one requiring assistance.

This projection of a momentum of a God quality is often made by the individual’s own I AM Presence, which accepts the gift and directs it through the silver cord into the heart flame of the individual. On occasion, the individual’s own I AM Presence asks that the Ascended being gives the assistance directly, the chela often feels the blessing more powerfully than when it is released through the naturally accepted heartbeat.



There could be no form at any level of consciousness without the use of precipitation. It is to be lamented that man has accepted the constant precipitation of life, which keeps his heart beating but has forgotten that from his heart that precipitation should flow naturally into the world around him. Thus man , by his own concept, accepts life (precipitated to him every second) but refuses to accept the possibility of allowing that natural precipitating power within him to fill his mind, body, world and atmosphere with perfection. Those individualized I AM Presences who chose to create physical vehicles and, through them, externalize perfection, are now being given assistance by the awakening of the outer-consciousness of man to his conscious use of the power of precipitation which are his inherent birthright. This assistance is given primarily by the members of the Great White Brotherhood, through both instruction and radiation.


Paul (The Venetian Master)

Acceptance that the individualized I AM Presence would have only GOOD to externalize through the outer self, places the chela in a consciousness of expectancy, hope, and confidence. Realization that the improper use of the powers of precipitation ( in destructive thought, feeling, spoken word and action) has created distress and limitation for the individual and for the entire planet evolution, places the consciousness of the chela in a state of clear recognition that limitation is man’s creation and abundance is God’s creation. When these two important facts are accepted, particularly in the feelings the chela can begin to transmute his limitations through the use of the Violet fire as he was intended to do so, and fulfill his divine plan.

Thus his own I AM Presence will assist him to do by releasing to him ideas, prompting and thought patterns which can be externalized, if the chela is constant  in his development in practical as well as mystical ways. Examine as carefully as you can the motive behind the idea, prompting or thought pattern you receive, to be sure it is selfless and will be beneficial to all life. When you have considered this and can say, as did the Source of all life , looking upon His creation “ It is good”, then proceed to externalize that idea. Think upon it. Fill it with your love. Practically endeavor to make “thoughts become things”. I give you an assignment. Create in mind, energize with your love and physically manifest a pink rose!


Serapis Bey

The power to think creates form.  The power to feel fills that form with life.  These two activities precede all precipitation (conscious or otherwise).

Most people do not control there thinking faculties and thus the forms created by their thoughts are indistinct and imperfect.  Learn to use your thoughts to create a clear-cut, distinct pattern of that which you desire to precipitate.  Then learn to actually generate feelings of happiness, joy and perfection and thus fill the cup, which is created by you thought.  As you do this for a few minutes at a time, earnestly and without strain, you will begin to enjoy your “practice of precipitation.  Then, one day, you will hold in your hand the actual thought-picture, energized by your feelings, which has become a physical reality to bless you and others.  The question arises:  “Does this precipitation come directly out of the atmosphere or is it brought into my world in a natural way through some individual?”

At first, the precipitation may come through individuals, as one progresses, they can be and some-times are manifested directly from the universal, without the medium of intercession by another unascended lifestream.  Any tension and unbelief in the chela greatly retards his use of the power of precipitation and awaiting a manifestation right out of the atmosphere would not create the proper state of receptivity for the beginner. However when such a beginner starts to receive the objects which he has so faithfully created and nourished (even though they come form human beings) he gains confidence and can then endeavor to produce the actual direct precipitation . It is always wise to begin conscious precipitation with a small object , such as, for instance the rose suggested by beloved Paul, because it is easy to picture a rose and takes less energy to make the mental image and less enrgy to give it perfume, color, and body.



The science of precipitation is both studied and used extensively in the Fifth Sphere. All constructive form begins with an idea. This idea is received by an Ascended or unascended being form the one Source-God. Then the training of the mind to hold that idea and develop it takes place. This is followed by teaching the individual to energize the idea with his own God given life. Here we, in the Fifth Sphere, direct the perfected patterns into the minds of constructive men and women in embodiment if they are receptive, they develop these ideas and the entire human race is benefitted thereby.

Many hundreds of thousands of such projected ideas and patterns are not immediately “picked up” by the outer consciousness of mankind and these we again receive into our realm awaiting the birth and maturity of lifestreams who can receive our directives and use them. Seen with the “inner eye” there is a constant flowing forth of beautiful patterns and forms, a few taking root in the consciousness  of embodied individuals, the many returning to us unused. We PATIENTLY await the day when ALL such projected ideas are assimilated by the minds of men and externalized through their co-operation in the use of the energies of their own creative centers.



It is always easier to precipitate something which the individual has already seen and with which his outer consciousness is familiar. When the individual comes n to the greater use of the power of precipitation, he rises above the things that have already been manifested and enters into a realm where perfection not yet expressed on earth abides. This process is natural. For instance it was comparatively easier for me to duplicate the coin of Caesar then to manifest the Christ. When an individual has truly learned to control thought and feeling, he is harmonious. This opens his outer consciousness to the divine perfection which is being directed toward him and he can far more easily proceed to precipitate those blessings of the Father’s kingdom of which it has been written: “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard the things of which the Father hath prepared for them that love him”.

Here the “minds eye” of the outer consciousness records the etheric memories of perfection  witnessed either between embodiments or while sojourning in the temples of light while the body sleeps. These can then be precipitated into form, thus expanding the kingdom of heaven on Earth.


Saint Germain

As it is the service of the Seventh Ray to actually bring into manifestation the perfection of the kingdom of heaven on Earth, we are all vitally interested in the training of chelas to receive the perfect pattern for that permanent Golden Age. The power to invoke aid from the individual I AM Presence and the Ascended Ones is essential to both transmute the imperfect manifestations of the past, as well as to create anew a more perfect mold and design. Therefore, while the Spiritual Heirarchy and the chelas are gathered together in beloved Lanto”s retreat, where the Science of Precipitation is the primary activity, I cannot urge you too strongly to ask the brother or sister form this retreat Rocky Mountain Retreat/The Tetons to help you enjoy learning to consciously precipitate something of a constructive nature.

Enjoyment in learning makes the process of assimilation and use of knowledge both quicker and more efficacious. “Duty study and duty application” both produce fatigue, strain, and stress. Let us then ALL fill the atmosphere of Earth with beautiful pink roses, radiating their perfume through the emotional , mental, etheric, and physical consciousness of all people. See how many actual pink roses come into your possession in the next thirty day period. You will be amazed and delighted at the results. Be sure, however, to accept every such tangible rose as an actual precipitation and acknowledge your Source as the giver and the gift as well.

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