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The Use of the Spirit of Resurrection 



Life, in its primal essence, is obedient to the qualification of self-conscious intelligence (ascended or otherwise), those beings who have chosen through their own thought and feeling centers to develop a momentum of the resurrecting power give that power as an impersonal heritage to all life following them upon the pathway toward redemption. Thus, there are momentums of healing, of peace, of illumination, of resurrection, etc. which can be magnetized and utilized by any and all kingdoms, in order to develop and purify their individual worlds, as well as the kingdom to which they belong. Such is the Spirit of Resurrection.

Many of mankind know nothing of the presence of this spirit and fewer still know how to tune into that spirit and make it their own. The nature kingdom of which I am supervisor, opens itself eagerly, willingly and obediently to the infusion of this spirit and, through it, manifest the so called “miracle” of Resurrection in each Springtime. These comparative few who have already made their ascension from this Earth (desiring within themselves to resuscitate the energies of their world) have also used it and their freedom and ascent from the shadows have proven its efficacy to act for them. When we look at Easter Season, when we acknowledge one who proved the power of the Resurrection Flame as the victorious “ overcoming of the last enemy” (death), we hope some others will choose to invoke and utilize this flame also and find the practical results in a resurrected soul, mind, body and feeling world.



Within the soul of man there lives the immortal Threefold Flame of Life, which contains within itself the potential power of ALL the flames of divinity. Even as within coal, wood, peat and other materials, which ignite when exposed to an already manifest flame, there is combustible material which awaits the “ spark” to become flame in themselves, so within the immortal spark of divinity in every man is the capacity to respond to and create in ever expanding intensity the divine flames of redemption. The mercy of the cosmic law is in the provision of such already established flames, which can be invoked, (when desired) to stir the smoldering embers of divinity through the soul of one determining to be free! Happy is the man who chooses to use these flames and be free of the shadows, limitations and distresses, which occur when the light burns dimly and the darkness of appearance encroaches upon the experience life of the self.



As within one drop of water all of the elements of the ocean and sea are present, so within one immortal spark (hidden within the recesses of the soul) all of the elements of the Sacred Fire abide, waiting to be called forth for the redemption and resuscitation of the soul and the outer self. Many sincere students look without for redemption rather than within. It is to turn the attention and consciousness of the student back to the flame within the heart, that we come. Here, contemplating the potentialities of his own immortal flame of life, the student quickens to a realization that from this individualized flame there will flow whatever qualification of the Sacred Fire is necessary and expedient to set his personal world in order, as well as, to become a part of “The Light of the World.



Some people call the immortal flame of God within the heart, “The Presence of God,” others refer to it as the Holy Spirit. Regardless of the name they choose to give it, it matters much the amount of freedom we allow this Presence to act through the outer personality. All in our octave have used certain aspects of this flame and have achieved freedom liberation and immortality thereby. Each such a one adds to the cosmic power of the impersonal flame, whether it is of healing, illumination, resurrection, precipitation, faith or peace.

This entire heritage becomes the common property of all who follow upon the path, if they accept its reality and choose to use it. Thus you have the privilege of utilizing the life energies of those who have become that which you desire to be, if you can be humble, grateful and desirous of “ reaping where others have sown”. Many, beset by the sin of spiritual pride, prefer to sow for themselves and reap their meager harvest without the assistance and loving cooperation of the Elder Brothers and Sisters of the race. Because of free-will, all are given opportunity to walk alone or in the company of the Elect.



The Resurrection Flame is a mercy provided by life and sustained by those beings who, seeing the shadows of limitation and distress, knew that sometime and somewhere individuals would cry out for a way back HOME. These individuals are at liberty to utilize this Resurrection Flame which ignite the potential power of resurrection within the individual’s own heart and thus experience a personal resuscitation of the powers they knew in the heart of the Father-Mother God before the world was manifest as mankind knows it.

As any trained woodsman knows, it is more difficult to kindle a fire with wet timber and no externalized flame than with dried timber. In like manner, it s more difficult to kindle the powers of divinity within the soul, feelings, mind and body of one whose vehicles of expression are not already receptive to the flame, then it is to draw forth the powers of divinity within one whose vehicles are prepared for such a transformation. The cosmic momentums of the flames which are acknowledged by the Spiritual Hierarchy, fed by their breath, sustained by their guarding presence, can do much to ignite the spiritual spark within a man, if he chooses to accept their presence and invoke their assistance in his own behalf. for this reason, the Spiritual Hierarchy has chosen to point the foci of the Sacred Fire already established and available for all who choose to use these momentums in such a manner.



Even medical science affirms that, although they can do much to assist in the preparation necessary to allow the healing of the body to take place, the actual healing comes forth from within the patient. For instance, the good doctor “sets” the broken leg but relies upon the intelligence  (healing power within the body) to perform the so called “miracle” of knitting the bone and restoring the mobility and usefulness to the injured member. How many good practitioners have said that it is the will to live, which performs the actual alchemy of restoration and healing? This is likewise true of the spiritual development of the student. Within the immortal Threefold Flame of God anchored in the heart, is the potential power of every flame. The will to connect with the already established flame of a certain quality and virtue assists the earnest and sincere student to develop the “ spark of divinity” into the flame of resurrection, healing, illumination, peace or whatsoever the student requires most at any moment upon the path, ignoring the power to ignite (which already lives in the Sacred Fire), makes the development take longer and is an unnecessary hardship upon the spiritual path back home.



The Resurrection Flame is a power, which has been developed and utilized by many of us in the endeavor to prove that mankind can, at will, use it for their own personal redemption. The first requisite in such conscious resuscitation of the personal nature is to acknowledge that a focus of that Resurrection Flame is within each human heart. The second requisite is to humbly accept the already established momentum of this Resurrection Flame to kindle, develop, and expand the focus of that flame to a point where it literally “ catches up” the energies of thought, feeling, memory and physical decadence and restores all the vehicles of expression to their natural estate as “ conductors” of the God light. What I did, I promised all men could do. When will man really accept the promise within those words, which surely I proved in my own experience? I patiently await that day!



My service in the Great White Brotherhood is to teach the conscious power of invocation, of already established momentums of the virtues belonging to the Godhead, for the stimulation of the dormant divinity within mankind. My activity will only appeal to those who believe that other beings have developed and sustained these virtues and that the momentum of their service is available to those who desire to invoke their powers and use their gifts for their personal blessing as well as the blessing of the evolution to which they belong.

There is nothing mystic or occult in the presence of the flames of God, which have been drawn and magnetized by lifestreams who have freed themselves from limitation by their use. Likewise, there is nothing mysterious in the magnetizing of these virtues and momentums to stimulate the expression of divinity through every lifestream. It is a science, exact and irrevocable in its activity, for those who desire to use it. Most of the civilized world benefits from the discoveries of electricity and other gifts of science, although few used their personal energies to develop these gifts.

On the spiritual frontier, there are also tremendous foci already established and equally available to the entire race. This is a heritage left by the Great Ones who drew, magnetized and sustained these gifts for the use of those brave enough to experiment with their presence in the universe. Such a gift is the full, gathered momentum of the Resurrection Flame. The nature kingdom uses it (not knowing the full details of its inception an sustenance). For the most part, mankind have not chosen to believe in its presence nor to draw into their own spark of divinity the practical, working activity which could transform all shadows into light.

For the few willing to experiment with the power of the Resurrection Flame, we all stand willing to assist in directing this flame from the heart of the Sacred Fire through the individual soul, stimulating the potential Resurrection Flame within them! I wait to see who among you will do this! The Sacred Fire is merely concentrated energy, qualified with a virtue and power, which is available to help any man to develop his own potential divinity. It is called “Sacred Fire” because it is God-qualified. Its potential, is within your own human heart. Call it forth, bathe in the full, gathered cosmic momentum of this flame given to you by their constancy and expanded it by their use of it in their personal redemption and planetary or universal service. I challenge you to TRY! We shall see!



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