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Messages of the Masters

“Each of us is a priceless and irreplaceable treasure in God’s Kingdom.”

“The Diamond in my heart radiates the iridescent colors of truth and the seven rays of which I am a part.”

“We hold the perfect memory of the one I AM and Holy Son of the Sun we are.”

“Spend time in the inner realms molding, shaping and feeding your dream till it is manifest.”

“The Law of the Circle is serve and be served.”

“Take in God’s radiance and radiate it out into the world.”

“All have equal capacity to tap into Kingdom resources.”

“Accordance with God’s will brings contentment.”

“A State of Grace is the heart open and the mind receptive.”

“Become reacquainted with Hope and the possibility of renewal.”

“Collaborate in bringing more Light ton the planet.”

“The screen of life mirrors back [to you] in perfect form.”
-Lord Lanto-

(From The North American Buddhas and The Great Awakening book)

“Bow your heads for a moment.  Take a deep breath in and breathe in God’s peace.  Exhale God’s peace into the room and let your shoulders relax.  Continue breathing in God’s peace and each time that you exhale, relax another part of your body letting all of your stress, your tensions and the weariness of the day flow out of you and into Mother Earth.  

She uses it as fertilizer to grow her new buds that are sprouting the new tulips, the new daffodils; the new spring life that is springing forth; you are helping them.   You are making a contribution to this Mother now by recycling. 

Just as your carbon dioxide through your exhale gives life to the trees and the trees reciprocate by giving you oxygen to breathe.  So you are doing another process in the Circle of Life but this time you are releasing your tension, your worries into Mother Earth who knows exactly what to do with these energies to turn them into greater good."
-Master Lady Nada-

 "Venture into the heart often for here you will find true intelligence, true God teaching and here you will restore harmony where there is disorder and chaos, where there is disruption in the mind or in the feeling nature."
 -El Morya-

(From Meditations in the Four Steps to Freedom Sacred Mystery School transcript.)

 "List ye well to this instruction, group energy affords you a greater opportunity to see other people in positions of their Ascension for you to offer assistance and support and is also for you to take note of what is being reflected back at you from you by them and [shows you]when you may make an adjustment within your internal being for if you see it as discord, for if you see it as wrong know that the discord is within you and not in them. 

If you could see them in total compassion and allow them to express knowing they are in an evolutionary cycle and that it is helping them to evolve into a higher plane and there is no judgment and no blame or criticism then truly it is said that you are one of our elite Brotherhood who understands the Great Command, ‘Judge ye not and be not judged.’  For in every judgment that you make, you are judging yourself.  Everything that you see that is wrong is wrong in you.  Everything that you criticize is criticism of self.  The anger is self-anger, look nowhere else to make correction but in yourself for there you would find [the] divine harmonic known throughout the Kingdom..."
-Lord Voton Pacal-

(From Walking the Gematria Trail, A Modern Day Guide to Spiritual Ascension book)

“All are the light of the world.  A city that sits on a hill cannot be hid.  Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but up on a candlestick, and it giveth light to all that are in the house.  Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”
-Mastr Jesus-

"When one is missing, [from a group] when seen with the inner sight, each time one is absent, that particular “ribbon” of ligh representing each lifestream, would not have the opportunity to increase momentum as the others, and the force field as a whole was denied the blessing of that one’s life." 

(Channeled in relationship to Transmission Flame Service Sacred Mystery School lesson)

"The lamb was a symbol of the mind and the future ... the greater the sacrifice the greater the reward.  So it is with the Kingdom of God above and the kingdom of earth as well and the kingdom of earth should express the Kingdom above as well coming from the light meaning your future that you beloveds are being asked to sacrifice all of your ego and die to the lower nature consciousness.

  ... The lesson is God is in all matters and in all places and in all things even in that which you would term 'bad' is in reality good.  Everything, everything is used to further progress your soul, to further the evolution of your Christed nature."
-Master Jesus-

(From Lamb of God Grant Us Peace, Creating the Veil of Light book)  

"The students do not fully understand the importance of a force field to the ASCENDED MASTRS.  It is a “pull” upon their energies, which cannot be denied.  A force field is a proof to COSMIC LAW, that there are embodied individuals who are interested in their service to life, which is an open door through which they may give assistance to mankind.  It is a radiating center so that when they come closer to Earth, their radiation, gifts and power of accomplishment are not confined to the few who hear their words, but it becomes planetary in their blessing to the people.

Since the Atlantean days, these force fields have been few and far between.  On rare occasions, like Gautama Buddha, beloved Jesus and some Saints, took embodiment on Earth before Auras were such force fields for the release of radiation from the Ascended Masters Realm.  Thus their personal auras rendered a definite service to mankind.  However, the conscious scientific creation of a permanent force field through the energies released by groups of individuals in decree, song, visualization, and contemplation, is one of the greatest hopes for the establishment of THE NEW AGE, with a minimum of cataclysmic action taking place and with the opportunity for DIVINE BEINGS to enter into the affairs of men, before, rather than after, world changes occur."

(Channeled in relationship to Transmission Flame Service Sacred Mystery School lesson)

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