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Morning Meditation / Prayer

Invoke all of the Divine Aspects of yourself:

I am invoking my Cosmic, I AM Presence, the Mother/Father God principle, all that is... and I am sending my love. (From your heart flame to its Hearth Flame send love. Use your breath to qualify the energy.)

I am invoking... my White Flame Core Being. (Pure light and essence of Mother/Father God... Prime Creator.)

I am invoking... my Solar Casual Body. (The 7 spheres, which are all the God virtues housed in the 7 rays and your individual accumulated light from the good you have done in all life times.)

I am invoking... my Solar Christ Self. (All of the attributes of God in full glory.)

I am invoking... my Planetary Christ Self. (The stepped down version of the Solar Christ self and is the acting principal, your personal connection that looks just like you.)

I am invoking... the Immaculate Concept of my Holy Christ Self, held by Beloved Mother Mary & Archangel Gabriel.

I am invoking... my Perfect  Body Elemental. (In every cell of your body there is the perfect atom. Ask your perfect body elemental to take it's command only from your mighty I AM Presence, and create perfection in your physical body.)

I AM sending my love to all of these Divine Aspects of myself. (From your  Heart Flame send Love to them. Use your breath to qualify the energy.)

Creating your pillar of light for protection:

Beloved, Mighty I AM Presence, I am asking you to extend down from my Casual Body, a pillar of pure white light, (all white flame) and create it to be 9-ft. in diameter.

Allow this pillar of light to completely surround me and go deep into mother Earth, sealing me and protecting me this day.

Beloved Presence of God I AM, fill my pillar of light (fire) with your cosmic, pure white light substance, unconditional Love, Peace, Harmony. Close the bottom of my pillar of light and grant me Hercules and Amazon strength and energy this day.

(Now see yourself in this pillar of white light/fire and transform your physical body into pure, white light energy... sompletely loosing your physical form. Sit for 3-5 minutes or longer if desired. When finished don't forget to have your |Presence," open the bottom of the pillar of light so you don't over charge yourself.)

Mighty I AM Presence, intensify, intensify, intensify the outer edges of my pillar of light.

I am invoking the Beloved Archangel Michael and Archaii Faith. (Send love from your Heart Flame to theirs using your breath.)

Beloved ones, I am now asking you to completely surround my pillar of light/fire with your 3-ft., blazing blue flame... creating an invincible, impenetrable shield of protection against all human effuvia, discord every or lower human consciousness. Protect me from all disease, bacteria, infections, viruses of every kind; any chem trails, radio, television, cellular waves; any radiation, ultra-violet rays, mold, mildew, parasites; and Harrp technologies and all forms of mind control both known and unknown. Keep me ever protected and sustained in the light of God throughout this day. I am so gratefully accepting all of this as being done right here, right now in full action and power.

Creating the Law of Forgiveness:

The Violet Flame

Invoke any Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Mentors, Archangels and Archaii, any ones higher than yourself and ask for their Ascended Master Consciousness and full gathered momentum, guidance, help or whatever you feel you desire and send your Love to all you have invited to join you.

Ideas of who you can call in (by Name) for help:

(The more specific you are, the more you qualify the energy.)
Elohim of the 7th Ray, Arcturus, Diana and Victoria; Chohan of the 7th Ray, Master Saint Germain and Lady Portia; Archangel and Archii of the 7th Ray, Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst and the Legion's of Angels, Suns, Cosmic Beings, (Victory) the Cherubim Lovelee.
Ascended Masters, the Great White Brotherhood of Light

All the beings of light throughout infinity, that are associated with the 5th dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame.
Christ Consciousness, Mother Earth, etc.

You also must petition the Karmic Board for their help. I am invoking the Karmic Board and I am sending my love. (Use the breath.) I am asking for your assistance in the use of the Violet Consuming Flame for the transmuting of all the energies I have misqualified through, thought, feeling, spoken word, action or deed.

Members of the Karmic board: Divine Director; Vista; Goddess of Liberty; Master Lady Nada, Goddess of Love; Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy; Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth; Master Lady Portia spokeswoman of the Karmic Board and Vairochana, one of the 5 Dhyani Buddha's.

Beloved, Mighty I AM Presence... I now ask you to bring forth your invincible, transmuting Violet Flame of Forgiveness, Love and Mercy.

Start to focus on the airless chamber of your physical heart... "the secret place of the most high." (Psalms 91.) where your Heart Flame dwells.

On the in breath, draw in the energy and love from all the master you have called in, into your heart (the 3-fold flame). Hold the breath, have your holy Christ self, qualify it with divine love. On the exhale, breath out the Violet Flame. Do 3 times or more until you know the Violet Flame is there. Expand the Violet Flame be 9-ft. above you, 9-ft. below you, 9-ft. to the right and left of you, 9-ft. in front and behind you. (It is completely surrounding you.)

Know that your "Mighty I AM Presence" is actually creating the Violet Flame, but you have to lend your energy and attention to complete the processes. (The call must be made from the point in creation where it is needed. This is Sacred Law.)

With full intention that the Violet Flame is powerfully, all around you say:

Transmute, transmute, transmute by Violet Flame all records, causes, cores, effect and memories stored within my being that have created any discord, negative energies or lower vibration.

Beloved Presence removed them from this life time and all life times, from this dimension and all dimensions from this reality and all realities including dream state and altered states of consciousness... all dominions, and domains both known and unknown.

Making statements while sitting in the Violet Flame

See the Violet Flame all around you... in you, through you... you are only Violet Flame. Burning away all the discordant energy's you have created through your thoughts, feelings, spoken words, deeds and actions, that are stamped with your electronic pattern, sent out into the universe.

Make it personal, say what if going on for you. Examples:

Beloved Violet Flame, transmute release any belief of separation or lack that I might have created, all ways I judged myself or another, all old patterns of how people should act, release all energy that I have misqualified by thought, feel or spoken word, deeds or action in any time frame or dimension, both known and unknown. (Add what you want.)

You can say to intensify the feelings of the Violet Flame:

I AM a Being of the Violet Fire, in action in me now.
I AM a Being of the Violet Fire, to light alone I bow.
I AM a Being of the Violet Fire, in Mighty Cosmic Power.
I AM the Light of God, Shining in every hour.
I AM Being of the Violet Fire, Blazing like a Sun.
I AM God's Sacred Power Freeing (or say healing) everyone!

(You can repeat more than once to build power)

Periodically state your intensions, example:

Transmute, transmute, transmute by Sacred Fire all causes and cores not of Gods desire, I AM a being of cause alone, that cause is love the sacred tone. Can say 3 times for more power.

Our imagination is very powerful, see and feel the power of this flame... surging, weaving, moving all through you, coming up from your feet and flowing above you. See the vivid violet/purple color with a slight pink in the center.

Closing you Meditation

After you have sat in the Violet Flame for at least 15 minutes, longer would be so much better, say:

I now decree that I am set free, I now decree that I am at a higher vibration then I was before.

Beloved Presence, I now ask, that all these energies, that have been stamped with my electronic pattern and released from me by the Violet Transmuting Flame... be sent to our Planetary Sun, Helios and Vesta, where they will be requalified, re-polarized (purified) and sent back to the Great "I AM", Mother-Father God for use again.

"Mighty I AM Presence," I ask that all the spaces and places that are now void, be filled with Unconditional Love, compassion for all life, peace, harmony _________ (You fill in what you want the universe to return to you, be specific. Ask this not only for yourself, but for all of my family, loved ones, friends and for all of mankind) ______________.

Make sure that you thank each one, and are grateful for the help given by all of the hierarchy you originally called in.

In the name and by the authority of the Mighty, Victorious Presence of "God I AM", in Me... I am so gratefully acceptation all of this as being done, right here, right now in full action and power. Repeat 3 times.

May end with... So Be It, So Be IT, So Be It... and So It Is.

Or whatever you desire.

You can use the violet, consuming flame for yourself and also around any person, place or thing... to transmute any and all discord.

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