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Repeating Decrees Three Times

Many have asked why we repeat our decrees three times (whenever possible) each time we give them, we offer here the following good and logical reasons for this practice:

Just as in The Orthodox world they pray in the triple activity of the Deity, “In the name of the Father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit,” so do we give our decrees at least three times, in the name and authority of love, wisdom and power, which is the triune activity of The Godhead.

Repetition of the decree at least three times by the outer self (personality) of the individual signifies that the outer consciousness of the physical self, the consciousness of the Holy Christ Self (of which the beloved Jesus spoke as “the Mediator between God and man) and the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient consciousness of the God-self (the I AM Presence) are all in one accord, agreed upon the bringing forth of the same manifestation. “In Unity there is STRENGTH”.

When such loving co-operation does come about, it means that the outer self has spiritually awakened sufficiently to realize and consciously accepted the truth that the life of the personality is God-in-action and, therefore, is a very real part of the triune nature of God.  It means that the light (the good) of the personality (or outer self) recognizes and calls into action the greater divine love and wisdom of his own life-stream and The Law of Life.  When the lesser consciousness calls to the greater for any assistance what-so-ever, the greater consciousness ALWAYS RESPONDS INSTANTLY!

It is The Law that, in order to bring into outer manifestation here in the physical appearance world that for which we call, the outer self or the individual (or group) desiring such manifestation must release from this octave of expression at least one-third of the energy required at inner levels of consciousness to produce such a manifestation. The outer two thirds of the energy required for such producing is supplied by the Ascended host. Since the average individual does not release a great deal of energy through his own though, feelings and spoken word, when making a decree, the repeating of his decree three times helps him to gather much more quickly the necessary energy required for manifestation.

Still another reason for repeating the decrees at least three times at a time is that, in this way, the decrees actually help to convince his outer self of the truths which he is voicing, by hearing those decrees repeated either by himself alone, or by others in a group. This is one reason for the tremendous opportunity as well as efficacy of group decreeing. The outer self gains a feeling of confidence when he see’s and hears others engaged in like activities with him. Should an individual not have much faith in his decrees at first (even though giving them alone), still, in the repetition thereof with sincerity, he would find himself beginning to believe in his decrees, affirmation or statement of truth (regardless of appearances). Then, if he stays with it long enough, he finally consciously accepts that truth with all his heart and is fully convinced of its reality. Then, his manifestation (fulfilled decree) comes into being here. (“According to your faith, be it unto you”.)

Repeating a decree (affirmation or statement of truth) builds a good, strong thought form, layer upon layer, as it were. Each time the decree is given it creates a thought form in the atmosphere. Since “like attracts like” each of these forms draws the next one to it as the same pattern is repeated over and over again. At first, the thought form is more or less vapor, but as layer after layer of substance (energy released by the individual in the decree) is qualified with the same pattern and added to the original, that form becomes strong and definite and becomes the “cup” into which is poured the feeling of faith and acceptance of the decrees. Then it becomes a living thing and, in obedience to the spoken word (in the authority of the I AM Presence), that form comes in to outer manifestation. You see everything comes from the invisible to the visible.  Everything starts from THE ONE. The great coral reef, in some part of our oceans, are formed from the tiny skeletons of those little sea creatures whose cast-off shells we call “coral”. When the life within that shell is about to die it usually rests upon another shell of its kind and thus, millions and millions of such tiny shells combine to make a habitable island which some of mankind can and do live upon.

Remember! The activity of decreeing for ourselves, and each other, is a tremendous privilege of God’s merciful love. It should always be a most joyous pursuit and should be never considered as laborious or a “chore” of any kind.  It enables God’s promises to be fulfilled, for it is in accordance with his great Law: Decree a thing AND IT SHALL BE ESTABLISHED UNTO YOU”. Call onto me and I WILL ANSWER YOU”. “Ask and YE SHALL RECEIVE”. Gratitude for such opportunity is the wide open door to more and more blessings in your daily life.

Blessings and thanking you for loving life enough, to decree it free.

September 2012,
Master  Jesus

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