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Suggested Decree for Cosmic Christ Peace

I AM! I AM! I AM!  The resurrection and the life of the Ascended Jesus Christ feeling of Cosmic Christ Peace----that peace which surpasses the understanding of the mind----which I had with God in the beginning before the world was-----eternally sustained and ever expanding.
(Repeat 3 times)

In the name of my own beloved I AM Presence, anchored right within my heart, I call to the beloved Elohim of Peace. Take immediate, complete and eternal command of all the energy in my feeling world. Expand your ray in my forehead until it fills my world for at least nine feet around me on every side, saturating my feelings with your feeling of Cosmic Christ Peace. Make me truly feel it and then sustain and expand it for me until I become yourself in action everywhere I move-----a real peace-maker among the children of our heavenly Father. I consciously accept this done right now with full power.
(Repeat 3 times)

Beloved Mighty Victorious Presence of God, “I AM”, and beloved Ascended Master Jesus Christ! Place upon my forehead this instant, sustained and expanded forever, a disc of the Golden Flame of your feeling of God-peace and place a miniature of your Luminous Presence within it, in blazing white light. Place a disc of this description over my solar plexus, larger is size. See to it for me that these protective discs of light keep my world entirely free from doubt and fear and, by picturing these activities placed upon those I contact, see that it keeps their worlds free from these distresses also. I consciously accept this done RIGHT NOW with full power, sustained and expanded until all are wholly ascended and free. I thank you, bless you and love you, beloved Jesus!

(Note this last one is a decree and visualization for the highest efficacy to manifest.)

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