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Dissertation from El Morya

June 16, 2011

As man purifies the energies of his individual consciousness, he is enabled to perceive the design of the universe more clearly.  He is privileged to gaze upon the pattern and form of “Things to come”.  He is invited to see the workings of the universal mind of God.  In such a man, the spiritual faculty of vision is awakened.  Once he has been raised in consciousness into, the realms of Creative cause, he is imbued with enthusiasm and the positive, joyous delight in “the glories that the Father hath prepared for those that love him”.

Such individuals bring the report of these visions to the consciousness of their lesser – developed brothers and sisters, and are “way showers” of the masses, inspiring them by their confidence, instructing them by their knowledge of what is “to be” and protecting them from blunders by the constant upward-look at the pattern, which only their unscaled eyes can see, shining in the celestial mind of God.

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