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Conscious Percipitation of Good

El Morya

Those individualized I AM Presences, who have chosen to create a physical body and serve upon planet Earth consciously will to do so! There is no power that forces any I AM Presence to serve at any level of consciousness except the motivating power of its own desire. Many of these lovely I AM Presences prefer to only serve at inner levels and never take physical embodiment at all. The Great white Brotherhood is primarily concerned with those who so do decide to create and serve the Earth and its evolutions through physical bodies. We have offered to help these I AM Presences to fulfill their divine plan through the physical vehicle, which they have created. This service we render is also an activity of precipitation.

We consciously charge life with the quality of energy, which every individual requires, offering it to that one’s own I AM Presence to release to and through the physical; etheric, mental, and emotional bodies at ITS OWN DIRECTION. Thus the qualities of faith, illumination, divine love, purity, consecration to God”s plan, ministration to man’s distress and purification of the results of his imperfect experimentations with life, all of these are projected by the Cosmic Being, Ascended Master, Archangel or angel, invited by the individual’s own I AM Presence into the world of the one requiring assistance.

This projection of a momentum of a God quality is often made by the individual’s own I AM Presence, which accepts the gift and directs it through the silver cord into the heart flame of the individual. On occasion, the individual’s own I AM Presence asks that the Ascended being gives the assistance directly, the chela often feels the blessing more powerfully than when it is released through the naturally accepted heartbeat.

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