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The Use of the Spirit of Resurrection 


Within the soul of man there lives the immortal Threefold Flame of Life, which contains within itself the potential power of ALL the flames of divinity. Even as within coal, wood, peat and other materials, which ignite when exposed to an already manifest flame, there is combustible material which awaits the “ spark” to become flame in themselves, so within the immortal spark of divinity in every man is the capacity to respond to and create in ever expanding intensity the divine flames of redemption. The mercy of the cosmic law is in the provision of such already established flames, which can be invoked, (when desired) to stir the smoldering embers of divinity through the soul of one determining to be free! Happy is the man who chooses to use these flames and be free of the shadows, limitations and distresses, which occur when the light burns dimly and the darkness of appearance encroaches upon the experience life of the self.


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