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To the Beloved Spirit of 2012

Greetings and Blessings to you!  As yet not one ounce of energy has been written into your etheric garments.  You stand in hopeful anticipation, awaiting the contributions of all the evolutions on the Earth, in the Earth and in its atmosphere.  We decree that all who use the sacred energy of life in 2012 shall allow that energy to co-operate with the spirits of truth and purity and make of 2012 a year of glorious God accomplishments for mankind, imprisoned angles and elemental life!  At the close of 2012, you shall return to the Father of all Life, the universal I AM PRESENCE, with garments as white as snow.  To our gentle reader’s who are actively interested in bringing the Earth back to its pristine purity and perfection, we decree a year when vision shall become a manifest fact, when the hopes in the hearts of the earnest chelas, shall become expressed manifestation of the proper use of Cosmic Law through the purified vehicle of creation!

We decree for our gentle readers, a year of God-victorious accomplishment, combining faith, hope and love, actually manifesting the Law, so that their own worlds are filled with all that is required for personal and cosmic service.  We also decree that they stand forth, right here in the physical appearance world, Christ-victorious men and women – an example of a life well lived – an inspiration to the masses to make like accomplishment.

To all we say – A Happy New Year, filled with an increasing understanding of the Cosmic Law and the necessary cooperation with the Law in its use, for their own betterment and for the redemption of our Earth.

El Morya

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