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Call to the Angel of the Jade Temple

In the name of my Beloved I Am Presence and Holy Christ Self, I call to the Beloved Angel Deva of the Jade Temple, to please change me with the activity of Life, that can bring to this world, understanding of what the Great Life has placed in the Temple of Jade, to bring forth it's blessing of External, Expanding Power and Perfection into my world.

I Am focusing my attention on the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple and I Am calling for illumination and self discipline to keep the harmony and purity of my outer self, so that the Angel Deva can open the floodgates to supply me with all that I need to complete my DIVINE plan and to produce the perfection and expansion of the Light from the higher mental body--the I Am Presence and Cosmic Christ--that my lifestream is to out picture on this Sacred Pilgrimage to Mexico.  I call to the seven Mighty Elohim and the Angelic Host and those who govern the creation of perfection in manifestation, to come and hold the Sacred Fire Love, of eternal protection around that which I wish to do, until it is completed and my VICTORY of this mission, Christ Consciousness, is attained.

I call for the binding of all interference to the perfection, that my Mighty  I Am Presence is lowering into my outer use.  I call for the perfection of all the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings to be infused in me and give me every possible assistance, to keep human creation and everything that is less than the Christ, from coming near me or interfering with what I must accomplish.  I call to the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Hosts to be my partners and protectors, in attaining success and the victory of my Ascension, and to do that which is constructive, in helping every part of Life.  I call to the Ascended Masters, to stand guard over the Sacred Fire, that keeps away everything that would disturb me or cause discord in my world.  I call to the Angelic Hosts to hold their Flame of Love, around everything that is constructive in my world, in order to help me fulfill my DIVINE PLAN on this trip, to activate Christ Consciousness by virtue of the Holy Spirit, as is God ordained.

Beloved I AM Presence, release me from every mistake I have ever made, and replace those mistakes with the Ascended Masters Sacred Fire Blessings, Perfection and Happliness, for the rest of my life and that I never think of them again.  Erase their existence from everywhere in the Universe, so no one else can be touched by them.

The love of my life and the love within my life is LUMINOSITY.  This is what illuminates the Universe.  As an individual, I call to be a light in the consciousness, and feeling world of mankind, to produce peace.  I call that everything in my life be an outpouring of  LUMINOSITY, to help me move forward and produce the great perfection that is the greater  FREEDOM  for all. 

Dearest Angel of the Jade Temple and Papa Pacal, please raise the vibratory action of my thought and feeling world.  Raise my rate of vibration, that forms the veil between my outer activity and your outer activity.  Please, accelerate my vibratory rate, so I can be where you are.  Please, pour the PURITY of your Sacred Fire into my consciousness, so that I may hold to that which is constructive and which serves to help others, while they make the effort on this Sacred Quest and in all the world, to attain their Ascension.

I understand that the Angelic Host guard and enfold all that is constructive.  I call to the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple for more illumination, to pour forth to the evolution embodied here and for the pouring forth of all good things to the rest of Life.  I call that the Greater Good flow through me, to those I contact and for the continued giving of the Great Light from the Ascended Master Octave.  I call for the Greater Activity of the Sacred Fire and the Greater Power by which individuals can be raised to the level of Ascension.  Lord Pacal, help mankind to realize that the greatest accomplishment they can attain to, is their VICTORY  IN  THE ASCENSION, and that this is the purpose of physical embodiment.

I call to the Angel of the Jade Temple and Lord Pacal to bring forth the blessings of my External, Expanding Power and Perfection.  I know these gifts are in the UNIVERSE.  They are the natural action of Life.  They are as free as the air I breathe, but they come under obedience to the Law.  I sustain my attention upon the activities of the Angel of the Jade Temple, and Lord Pacals Living Library of DNA, and I call for the illumination and cooperation, to keep harmony and purity of my outer self, and to open the floodgates, to the supply, that I could not use in a thousand years.  I ask that all these things be done according to GOD's HOLY WILL in the name of the Father, Mother, the Son and the Hold Spirit.


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