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You are the Scepter of GOD-POWER

Beloved ones, I bring to your attention again the truth that you are, by your very being, a scepter of authority, you see, the electronic light streaming from the heart of your I AM PRESENCE into your beating (this stream of life is sometimes called the “silver cord”) forms a constant scepter of dominion, the positive pole the glorious Three-fold Flame in the heart of your own individualized I AM Presence and the receiving center is the immortal Three-fold Flame within your own physical heart.  In the spiritually unawakened lifestream, this focus, which abides within the physical heart, is the negative pole.  As such, it is the receiving center of just enough light to sustain sufficient intelligence within the brain to animate the four lower bodies and to render those specific services, which sustains the individual personality’s world and orbit.

When one comes to a point where he is ready and able to serve great numbers of people and be a center of activity, wherein much energy is to be set into motion for constructive purposes (protection, healing etc…) he will find that the negative pole anchored within the heart becomes a positive center.  Then you have the Three-fold Flame in the heart of the Presence at the upper end of your scepter (the “Silver Cord”) and the individualized focus of that flame within your physical heart as the opposite end.  This forms a tremendous scepter of power, which is really your own life!  This can be qualified with any one or all of the virtues of The Seven Rays and can be grasped and directed with authority to give any service and assistance required, wherever the need arises.  Beloved Saint Germain has referred in previous instruction to  the scepter of authority, which stands before every advancing student, which scepter he may actually grasp and use to redeem discordantly qualified energy, causing it to become and radiate perfection.

Remember, beloved ones, a focus of that scepter is already within you, as the smaller Three-fold Flame at its lower end.  That flame is beating your own physical heart and the larger one at the tip of the scepter (your “silver Cord”) is beating the heart of your Presence.  Your “Silver Cord” is actually life and light, which is pouring down into the immortal Three-fold Flame within your heart and it is that light, which is then directed forth with such power to give the necessary assistance required.  Through your “Silver Cord” the life and light from your Presence keeps you connected with it at all times and, if given the opportunity so to do, that Presence will help you to hold the perfect poise and balance in your consciousness, within your outer form and aura. 

Then, feeling yourself no longer to be a limited human being, but just that blazing scepter of light, you can mentally (if you were to be in public it would not be wise to make yourself conspicuous be doing so by the use of your hands) direct that scepter into the cause and core of whatever condition needs perfecting, whether it be in person, place, condition or thing.  By the use of this scepter, you can draw forth and direct whatever activities of the Seven Rays are required protection, illumination, love, purity, concentration, peace and the power to use the Violet Fire of Transmutation, as it is needed.  I think, however, you will require mostly the capacity to command and sustain PEACE!

While you are practicing this activity and building a momentum of it in your own world, may I suggest that you concentrate upon ones short command or decree at a time, thoroughly saturating your consciousness with that decree until it is really a part of you and can be drawn forth on demand almost automatically, as it were.  You see, when there is a great deal of energy in motion around you, your own mental body is liable to be subject to the general agitation in the atmosphere and, unless you hold yourself very positive and absolutely controlled and unless you are very retentive of memory, some of the longer decrees might not be remembered by you in the crisis of the moment.  However, you can always remember the words, ”PEACE! Be still”.  As you know, the statement “The Light of God NEVER Fails” (spoken three times, either silently or audibly) is an excellent statement to call protection from the Ascended host and you already have a good-sized momentum building of that statement.

Now, please visualize that scepter of light, which I have spoken to you.  I want you to really mentally “see” this scepter, while I AM talking to you.  THE  TOP  OF  IT  IS  THE  GLORIOUS  THREE-FOLD  FLAME  FROM  THE HEART  OF  YOUR  PRESENCE,  THE  CRYSTAL-WHITE  LIGHT  (YOUR SILVER  CORD)  STREAMING  DOWN  FROM  IT  INTO  YOUR  PHYSICAL HEART,  THEN  SEE  THE  THEE-FOLD  FLAME  WITHIN  YOUR  HEART AT  THE  BASE  OF  THE  SCEPTER. For the moment, just mentally “block out” the form of your Presence and, “block out” your human form also, so you see only that scepter.  That scepter is your life and your light, your own lifestream.  That is the same power, which every Ascended Being uses!

As we proceed with the following exercise, the actual substance of the virtues of these various rays called forth, will flow from the scepter as you so wield it, blessing all the life it contacts.

Let us visualize your scepter in this manner: Instead of the crystal-white “staff” of the scepter this time, see that “staff” become the magnificent blue of Lord Michael and The First Ray (still retaining, of course, the Three-fold Flame at the top and bottom).  The Blue Flame is the power of protection.  Now, just mentally grasp the scepter (which is vertical in position to start with) and lay it horizontally in the atmosphere of the room, just a little above the heads of the assembly.  Then let it move fan-like from left to right, over the heads of all who are here.  Let it move back to the left again and then raise it to its original vertical position.

Let us now take the activity of the Second Ray (which is yellow) and let us see the “staff” of that scepter having become a magnificent yellow flame, which embodies the virtues of illumination, understanding and wisdom.  First grasping it in its vertical position, let it descend in a horizontal position again over the heads of the audience and then fan-like, let is follow the movement from left to right, then back to its vertical position in the center.

Here, let us wield the scepter in beautiful pink (the activity of The Third Ray).  Visualize that scepter (which is your own life flowing from your Presence), the “staff” thereof becoming, now a beautiful shade of pink.  You see, you qualify it by your thoughts for you must first know what pink looks like.  Then ask your Holy Christ Self to qualify the flame with its feeling of divine love.  Let that scepter, then descend horizontally, to a point a little over the heads of the people and move it fan-like from left to right as before.  Thus is directed, this beautiful scintillating pink substance, as it radiates the true feeling of divine love.  Then return the scepter again to the position of the vertical life-line.

Now, for the activities of the Fourth Ray, we shall change the scepter with the virtue of purity, the absolutely pure crystalline substance.  We now let the scepter descend again into a horizontal position over the heads of the audience and, starting at the left in fan-like formation, let it swing to the right, back to the left again and then to its vertical position.  Thus it pours its purifying radiance over the entire assembly.

Next, let us visualize the scepter in the lovely green (activity of The Fifth Ray).  This is the green flame of concentration, consecration and dedication to service.  First we hold the scepter in its vertical position.  Then, as before, let it descend horizontally over the heads of the people and move fan-like from left to right and back to the left again over the audience, pouring that power and feeling of divine consecration into, through and around the four lower bodies of each one present, then return it to its vertical position.

This time let us draw the magnificent activity of The Sixth Ray, the Ruby Ray of the Master Jesus (which incidentally, has nothing whatsoever to do with the destructing vibrations of “bull red” or “fire engine” red of the outer world today.  The Ruby Ray has a great deal of blue in it, something like the shade of the American Beauty Rose).  You may use this ray in a beautiful shade of brilliant gold, if you are more accustomed to using the Sixth Ray in that color and here you have the activities of ministration and peace.  This will be one of the more active radiations to be drawn forth at this time and in the days to come.

As you place that scepter in the usual horizontal position, which we have been using over the heads of our audience today, try to feel that radiation of Christ peace and ministration as you visualize that virtue flooding out into the atmosphere of the room and being absorbed by the bodies of the people.  Here, let me suggest that, after you have used this activity for just your own home or study group, you can then ask your  own Holy Christ Self and me to expand that scepter until it is large enough and powerful enough to sweep fan-like, over your entire city and bless all its inhabitants with the outpouring of that golden essence and feeling of God-peace.  Always, at the end of its service of blessing, the scepter is returned to it vertical position.

Let us now draw on the power of Transmutation, the Violet Fire (an activity of The Seventh Ray).  See that glorious scepter, with the “staff” thereof, made of beautiful living Violet Flame and place that scepter again in the horizontal position as we have been doing.  Let it pour its transmuting blessings into the worlds of all present, having moved fan-like from left to right, back to the left again and then to its vertical position.


Dear ones, I have given you an exercise, which I would like to have you practice daily when you have an extra moment or two.  Practice this and when you are alone, in the privacy of your own room, you may raise your hand to grasp this scepter and, if you will take a moment to feel it, you will be able to cognize the added power flowing out through your arms and your fingers-tips as you hold it.  When you are in public places (dining room or places of business, etc.) and a need arises for the use of this scepter of authority and power, of course you would not make any fanatical gestures, nor would you let anyone around you know you were making such a call.  In such instance, you would silently make the call to your own I AM Presence and the Being whose ray you were using.  Sometimes, you may see some response from the consciousness of certain individuals where who are receptive to the vibrations of the activities of one or more of The Seven Rays.

We know that not all of you will like to use the activities of all seven of the Rays.  Perhaps you will choose to work along one ray alone, but I think it would be wise for you to expand your consciousness, somewhat and experiment with the entire Seven Rays.  You see, no one of you here, not even myself, knows just where you will be when the requirement for this assistance may come, nor what particular type of people or condition it will be your opportunity to serve.  Some may need peace, as

I have said, some protection, some healing, etc.  The various activities of The Seven Rays should become so very, very well anchored in your outer consciousness that you may be able to use them instantly, on demand.

Elohim Arcturus
Elohimic Representative of The Seventh Ray
and Superior of The Chohan of that Ray.
February 22, 2012

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