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Archturian Healing and Recharging

First: invoke master Lady Nada and Arch Angel Charity (they represent the feminine aspect). Then invoke St. Paul the Venetian (Chohan of the 3rd ray) and Arch Angel Chamuel. They represent the masculine… the manifesting principal. Send your love.

Bringing forth the Holy Christ Self from its airless chamber.

Method: Draw in your breath, (know you are drawing from Master Lady Nada and Charity) to your physical heart, as you are holding your breath, create a vibrant pink flame (representing Love) in your physical heart. On the exhale, call to Paul the Venetian and Chamuel to help you release the 3 fold flame (your Christ self) from its airless chamber. When released it covers your entire physical heart. Give thanks to God. Do 3 times.

Move over to your Sacred Heart in the center of your chest. Repeat the above exercise only have the Heart flame of your Sacred Heart be brought forward. Do 3 times in the same manner as above.

After both of your 3 fold flames have been released from their airless chambers, draw in another breath from your Mighty I Am Presence into the heart flames and say: OhBeloved 3-fold flame within my beatinghearts, EXPAND and do thy cosmic work.Do this 3 times until you are completely covered by a 9-foot single,3-fold flame. 3-ft of blue flame to your left, 3-ft. of yellow flame, that you are in the center of, and 3-ft. of pink flame, to the right of you.

It is also important to cleanse the Spleen for it is the organ in our body that holds worry, a form of fear. Often we are unconsciously worried that we won’t be able to cleanse or transmute all of our karma or the energies we have miss-qualified.

Master Saint Germain, Arch Angel Zadkieland Arcturus the Elohim of the 7th Ray are important masters to invoke now. They work specifically with the spleen. Send your Love.

Draw your breath in from thethree above masters to your physical heart, have your Holy Christ Self charge it with Love. On the exhale send the violet transmuting flame into the spleen in your body. (The spleen is located on the left side of your body and 2 ribs up from the base of your rib cage.) See the violet flame engulfing the entire area of the spleen. Do this seven times to purify the Spleen and remove worry.

It is now time to invoke the Arcturians by saying their name 3 times. ARCTURIANS, ARCTURIANS, ARCTURIANS come forth now and help we heal and recharge my atheric body.

Draw in the blue light from Arcturusand allow it to come into the top (crown) of your head. You can be sitting or laying down. Picture a tall, narrow structure something like a telephone booth with a rounded top. It will have a door to enter and could have a chair to sit in or not… make it to your liking. When you look up through the top of this vehicle you can see a long tunnel or sometimes called a wormhole. It is filled with multi colors of lights. Imagine yourself getting into your vehicle and if there is a chair sit down, if not just stand. Suddenly you find yourself moving very quickly through the wormhole. You can see many colors of lights moving past you. In the distance you can see what looks like a star. As you get closer,you realize it is an Arcturian Ship that is waiting for you in the Jupiter corridor. You see an opening in the ship that your vehicle can enter. It is a landing pad inside the ship. You land and get out of your vehicle and walk down a long hallway, towards a blue door that says,ArcturianLibrary. You open the door and enter a room that is all blue and is filled with light to dark shades of blue. You see 2 chairs facing a window. Sit in one of the chairs and look out of the window. It looks upon the planets of Arcturus, and you see all their colors of blue, blue/white and hues of ruby, yellow and orange. The window shields you from the higher energies and radiation given off by the planets.

As you are sitting in the chair looking out at the Arcturian planets, inhale and draw in the blue colors of the room into the top of your head or crown chakra…. hold the breath and on the exhale send it out into your 4 lower bodies…. physical, mental, emotional and aura (or soul). Do this 7 times. If you would like, you can have a master like Arch Angel Michael sit in the chair next to you for added help.

When you have finished healing and recharging your four lower bodies, it is time to return back to Earth. Don’t forget to be in gratitude for all you have received.

It is now time to return to Earth. Get out of the chair and walk to the door. Open the door and walk down the hallway back to the vehicle you arrived in. Open the door and get in. You will notice that you vehicle will begin to move back to the opening of the ship where you had entered. Your vehicle is now falling back through the wormhole, it is moving very fast with all the colors of lights all around you. In the next breath you are in your vehicle beside your physical body. It is time to open the door and let your soul re-enter your physical body.


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