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I AM a being of the Violet Fire.

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Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez    &    Susan Hannah Sanchez

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Sacred Mystery School

Within these teachings truly lie the Keys to the Kingdom of God.

The topics of the Lessons were selected by the Ascended Host of Heaven and channeled by Sensei Anthony and Hannah. They were recorded, transcribed and edited. The truth is unchangeable and is the same truth taught to all who achieved their Ascension while living on this terrestrial plane.

Practical application of "I AM" teachings is your goal, thereby, creating heaven on earth and living the Golden Age of Light. Part of this living is to be a Master of Energy and precipitate the opulence of God: perfect health, loving relationships and wealth.

The information offered by this site provides the tools, examples, products and services to give you the opportunity to be exposed to the direct radiation of the Masters who have communicated through their Messengers in recordings and writing so that all may receive the benefit of their vibration, comfort, healing and upliftment.

Truly access to the Kingdom of Heaven is within. So take this opportunity to learn of the Sacred Fire that is your bright as a child of God; your Three-Fold Flame, your Wite Core Presence of God I AM, the Violet Flame of Freedom, the Seven Rays of God and the Five Secret Rays and the heavenly hierarchy that works selflessly and tirelessly so that all may be set free. You are heir to the kingdom and access of that Kingdom is attainable not in the holy moment!

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