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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the perfect atom, which makes up the building blocks of the universe creating the architecture of the universe. It is based on five Platonic solids. There is a single circle that divides into another circle and the union of these two elements, polarities, masculine-feminine principles divide and coalesce until the remaining shapes are formed: octahedron, tetrahedron, dodecahedron, cube and icosahedron.


Merkaba Activation

Sacred Merkaba Activation entails using Sacred Geometry and activation commands to activate and create a protective body or us to travel inter-dimensionally. Two tetrahedrons (three-sided pyramid with sides equal) are used to make a pyramid with its apex up and its outer apex down.  It is also referred to as the Star of David. The tetrahedron with its apex down is God descending into man and the one with the apex up is man ascending to God. Where they meet in the middle is referred to as the heart center, which is symbolic of the energy of LOVE. Toth, Old Testament Prophets and all the great Messengers of God in all the great religions of the world used this vehicle to develop their gifts.

Merkaba…”Mer” means Light, “Ka” means Spirit, “Ba” means Body. Merkaba means your Spiritual Body of light surrounded by counter rotating fields of Light. You cantravel safely into other dimensions, realities and universes once you activate with the 13:20:33 body ration formula for continuous galactic time. Once this Love light field activates, it rotates counter clockwise and expands to infinity within an instant moment. We will awaken the body’s original seed encoding of time within the human atomic cell structure and the artificial illusionary 12:60 time encoding begins to leave the body cells. 12”:60 means 12 months, 60 minutes, 60 seconds. This time was to unify humanity but in reality it did the exact opposite because it put us out of harmony with the cosmic rhythms that govern our Galaxy.

Once we realign ourselves and attune ourselves as a Family, to the natural galactic timing frequency of 13:20:33, we will find ourselves in control of the vast resources of Spiritual Energy (SPIRIT) that we heal ourselves and the planet and we will transcend linear time as we know it to be.

The Sacred Mystery Schools of Lemuria, Egypt, Atlantis to name a few and Conscious Masters today use Sacred Geometrical exercises to access higher dimensions. You can learn these techniques and with full recollection of what you saw and heard. In the Advanced stages we will visit Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light meetings.

Join me as we use the POWER OF LOVE and SACRED GEOMETRY to discover the lines of SPIRIT that have existed since the beginning of CREATION.

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