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Messages of the Masters

"When one is missing, [from a group] when seen with the inner sight, each time one is absent, that particular “ribbon” of ligh representing each lifestream, would not have the opportunity to increase momentum as the others, and the force field as a whole was denied the blessing of that one’s life." 

(Channeled in relationship to Transmission Flame Service Sacred Mystery School lesson)


"The students do not fully understand the importance of a force field to the ASCENDED MASTRS.  It is a “pull” upon their energies, which cannot be denied.  A force field is a proof to COSMIC LAW, that there are embodied individuals who are interested in their service to life, which is an open door through which they may give assistance to mankind.  It is a radiating center so that when they come closer to Earth, their radiation, gifts and power of accomplishment are not confined to the few who hear their words, but it becomes planetary in their blessing to the people.

Since the Atlantean days, these force fields have been few and far between.  On rare occasions, like Gautama Buddha, beloved Jesus and some Saints, took embodiment on Earth before Auras were such force fields for the release of radiation from the Ascended Masters Realm.  Thus their personal auras rendered a definite service to mankind.  However, the conscious scientific creation of a permanent force field through the energies released by groups of individuals in decree, song, visualization, and contemplation, is one of the greatest hopes for the establishment of THE NEW AGE, with a minimum of cataclysmic action taking place and with the opportunity for DIVINE BEINGS to enter into the affairs of men, before, rather than after, world changes occur."

(Channeled in relationship to Transmission Flame Service Sacred Mystery School lesson)

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