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Conscious Percipitation of Good


The science of precipitation is both studied and used extensively in the Fifth Sphere. All constructive form begins with an idea. This idea is received by an Ascended or unascended being form the one Source-God. Then the training of the mind to hold that idea and develop it takes place. This is followed by teaching the individual to energize the idea with his own God given life. Here we, in the Fifth Sphere, direct the perfected patterns into the minds of constructive men and women in embodiment if they are receptive, they develop these ideas and the entire human race is benefitted thereby.

Many hundreds of thousands of such projected ideas and patterns are not immediately “picked up” by the outer consciousness of mankind and these we again receive into our realm awaiting the birth and maturity of lifestreams who can receive our directives and use them. Seen with the “inner eye” there is a constant flowing forth of beautiful patterns and forms, a few taking root in the consciousness  of embodied individuals, the many returning to us unused. We PATIENTLY await the day when ALL such projected ideas are assimilated by the minds of men and externalized through their co-operation in the use of the energies of their own creative centers.

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