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The Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood is such a marvelous scientific example of the dual power of centripetal and centrifugal force. WHEN  REQUIRED  ALL  THE POWER  OF  THIS  SPIRIT  CAN  BE  DIRECTED  ON  AN  INSTANT  TO  ANY  POINT IN  THE  ATMOSPHERE  OF  EARTH  TO  HELP  RENDER  SERVICE. When the requirement is fulfilled, the power is drawn back into the heart of this spirit where it builds to fulfill future demands. IT  NEVER  LOSES  ITS  POTENCY  AND  POWER  BUT  RATHER  GAINS  IN STRENGTH  THROUGH  SUCH  IMPERSONAL  USE. You might say this spirit is like a “ Trustee “ or “Gaurdian” of tremendous powers which, at it’s discretion, it directs into the world of an intelligence endeavoring to promote peace on Earth and good will toward men. This spirit, being an Intelligent Being, sees and knows the motive of every individual and acts according to the sincerity of such motive to help such a one in a good cause.

Let us then take a cosmic example. When Lord Maitreya (now the new Buddah) signified to the Great white Brotherhood that the cosmic time had come for the birth and mission of Jesus Christ, the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood gathered into itself ALL BEINGS (Divine and human)  who could help Jesus in the fulfilling of this mission. This spirit endowed them with added strength, grace, constancy and enthusiasm and when, in the course of human events, the pageant of Jesus ministry was finally thrown upon the screen of life, this spirit not only sustained Jesus, Joseph, and Holy Mary, but also the lesser developed but earnest disciples through out the course of their lives.

Let us take a human example. When an individual desires to benefit the human race, without personal motives of any kind, the same spirit pours more and more of its love and light to such a one helping him, in the face of the greatest odds, to complete his service (invention, humanitarian benefit, or whatever it may be).

Thus any individual who is serving on this Earth to expand the Light of the World is literally sustained by the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood which spirit lets such a one finish his course honorably and give to the race the fruits of his labors. Without such invisible but potent aid, no unascended being could or would be able to do so. Therefore, bless the sprit of the Great White Brotherhood wherever you see some good man or woman performing work in God’s Holy Name, for that individual is literally and practically sustained in those works by this spirit and its generated sustenance!

September 2012

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