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The Use of the Spirit of Resurrection 


Even medical science affirms that, although they can do much to assist in the preparation necessary to allow the healing of the body to take place, the actual healing comes forth from within the patient. For instance, the good doctor “sets” the broken leg but relies upon the intelligence  (healing power within the body) to perform the so called “miracle” of knitting the bone and restoring the mobility and usefulness to the injured member. How many good practitioners have said that it is the will to live, which performs the actual alchemy of restoration and healing? This is likewise true of the spiritual development of the student. Within the immortal Threefold Flame of God anchored in the heart, is the potential power of every flame. The will to connect with the already established flame of a certain quality and virtue assists the earnest and sincere student to develop the “ spark of divinity” into the flame of resurrection, healing, illumination, peace or whatsoever the student requires most at any moment upon the path, ignoring the power to ignite (which already lives in the Sacred Fire), makes the development take longer and is an unnecessary hardship upon the spiritual path back home.


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