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Mankind Does Not Prefer Truth

By Beloved Hilarion 10/28/12

Friends of God, of Light and of Life! You who, by your very presence here, have shown a deep and abiding sense and feeling for the presence of truth, I greet you on behalf of the beloved Brotherhood at Crete and myself. I also greet you in the name and the grace of the Ascended Jesus Christ, by whose presence, example, virtue and nature, I was enabled in myself to sublimate and renew my soul and enter into the realm of Perfected Beings, where I now abide. From thence I have pledged myself to send my service, radiation and presence whenever possible, to assist any member of the race to know truth, if they so desire it.

For the most part, mankind are not much concerned about truth. They are eager to have a confirmation of those concepts, which they have evolved, which are comfortable and seemingly pleasant to live with. For the most part, mankind prefers the “vicarious atonement” and the presence of truth is not always welcome when it shakes the concepts of the ages and causes a certain discomfort, which always comes about with change. Brave is the man and strong, sincere in heart, earnest in purpose, who desires to know truth and will have no traffic with confirmation of the very errors which are externalized in the individual and collective worlds as manifest distress.

It is self-evident to the thinking individual that if any one were possessed of the fullness of truth within himself, that truth would have set him free by its application to his own life’s experiences. Thus he would have fulfilled the statement of the Master Jesus, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” The etheric, mental and emotional bodies of mankind have been exposed to religions, sects and isms of many kinds all through the ages for the receptivity of his soul, in an endeavor to produce a perfect pattern for man’s consciousness to outpicture. It is only when that man or woman comes to a point where they do not desire confirmation of pre-conceived opinions but desire the pure light of truth, that our Brotherhood, the beloved Pallas Athena and those we represent, can give the cosmic assistance to set such ones free.

I bring to you today the presence and pressure of cosmic truth. As it comes within the atmosphere of this room and passes through the emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies, it will dislodge and remove a great deal of the accumulation of error of which your outer mind is not even cognizant. In the future, I am sure you will be amazed at the clarity with which you will be able to proceed in your contemplations and applications, if you can accept our presence, our power and our gifts today. Just please feel for a moment that same living white fire which was the gift from the Holy Spirit to the disciples that first Whitsuntide, surging through your four lower bodies and let go! In the name of the Ascended Jesus Christ, LET GO of that which binds you. Thank you, beloved ones, for your acceptance.

Even in the world of unascended beings, when an individual asks another for truth, that truth is very seldom welcome. Beloved Goddess of Truth (Pallas Athena) who will speak to you this morning following my address, the Goddess of Justice and the Goddess of Purity (three most magnificent Beings in the heart of heaven) receive very little magnetization from the Earth plane. You see, people are afraid of justice, they are afraid of truth and of purity.

Through your decrees and calls for the removal of doubt and fear from the present consciousness of mankind and through the removal of much of that substance so qualified from the past, we are hoping that these Goddesses may be able to release to you that very pressure of their flames which can set you free if you will accept them and that., in the future, they may be more welcome in the consciousness of the mankind of this Earth than they have been in the past. The Goddess of Mercy, the Goddess of Love, the Goddess of Beauty, these are welcomed and sought after. However, the virtues of truth, justice and purity are most essential to progress. Those virtues and their activities and the Beings who represent them would long since have retired from the atmosphere of Earth were it not sometimes a single lifestream who, during an entire embodiment, kept an anchorage on Earth of their presence through contemplation and application. In this way, such individuals kept a thin line of light sustained between this dark star and that Realm of Light Eternal where those Goddesses abide.

At the magnificent Teton Retreat, the Great Karmic Board now sits and there is being shown upon the cosmic screen for the assembly at the present conference, the magnificent endeavors in which you are engaged nightly. This is proving to the Karmic Board what unascended beings can do in the activity of projected consciouness, sincerity of heart and the combination of vision, feeling and release of physical energy. It is a magnificent thing, beloved ones. It is a new facet in beloved Morya’s presentation to the Karmic Board of that which unascended beings can do and it has stirred them deeply.

During this conference, you are engaged in calling for the purification of the various continents, seas and atmosphere of Earth, as well as calling for the removal of destructive qualities which are presently active throughout the entire race in the psychic and astral realm.  Besides that activity, the Great Ascended Masters and the angelic host who work with you, have set up an entire twenty-four hour constant repetition of your decrees which will not cease until the full completion of that purification has taken place.

Thank you for believing this is possible. You see, unascended mankind, just by themselves, could never accomplish the great task of purifying the entire psychic and astral creations which have accumulated through the ages but they can “press the button” they can set into motion through their own bodies and very selves, activities which we are then allowed liberty to continue because individuals like yourselves who belong to the plane to be purified, have taken the initiative and have cut the path, so to speak, by their own bodies and soul’s light.  

Discrimination Necessary Always To Recognize Truth

The pattern of the class designed around the activity of grace brings to mind so forcibly my own experience. Lord Maitreya, the beloved El Morya and all who are connected with the addresses, suggest always that we weave into our informal talks enough of our own personal experience so that you may realize that the development of the soul-light---the happiness as well as the struggle----are not yours alone but have been passed through everyone who has returned to the perfection of his God-estate in the victory of ascension, through self conscious application.

It is easy to look back upon the Christian Dispensation. So many hymns have been written about the individual who would have stood by the Master Jesus if they had been there with him at that time. The glamour of the centuries has made of him a figure easily discernable among the masses who lived and walked the Earth in his day. However, speaking as one who was there, GREAT IS THE DISCRIMINATION, GREAT IS THE DISCRETION REQUIRED TO RECOGNIZE A COSMIC MOMENT AT ITS HOUR OF EXPRESSION. Small is the virtue of the man who discovers it only when the blazing meteor has passed through the sky and disappeared into the farthest recesses of the universe. I know for I was such a one!

At the time of Jesus, I was embodied as Saul of Tarsus, afterward known as Paul. I was schooled in every department of Biblical lore, able to recite the Scriptures by heart, knowing every prophecy of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and others, a member of that proud and arrogant sect who knew that the Messiah would come to the “chosen few” and be among the priesthood, yet this was not so! I remember well discussing often as we did, the coming of the Messiah, for Jerusalem waited earnestly for that Messiah and we had waited, I think, overlong. We, the scholars, would think upon the Scriptures and ponder over them. Remember, too, that at that time we had many, many individuals who had “Messiah complexes” through all those centuries, fanatics who had bands of followers and whose works were but ash.

So, among the intellectuals, there came a certain protective shell of reason so that we should not be deceived by the fanatics of the hour. I remember well donning my silken robe one day, perfuming my hands and putting on my jewelry to investigate the “ravings” of a man in the wilderness who was proclaiming the coming of the Messiah. I remember walking with some personal displeasure to the outskirts of the crowd looking upon the uncouth figure of John, the Baptist. Convinced within myself that our King House of David should have no such precursor as that rough man, my feelings recoiled. I could not see through that “garment”. I confess, I never looked upon the physical presence of Jesus because I had not taken John at his true value and had not known his worth.

Personal Awakening To The Christ

Mercy was good to me! As I continued upon my self-righteous path of wiping out what I considered fanaticism (and in duty destroying even life) mercy was good to block my way. Mercy was good to open my consciousness and my sight to the living, breathing Christ on that road to Damascus. Think you who are called upon to change your nature that I do not know what that means? A proud man in silken robes, riding in state, filled with self-conscious righteousness, then suddenly humbled in the dust before the presence of a Being who had lived in my land in my time and whom I had not known! Think you that to change that course of life was easy?

Even after that magnificent visitation---well, no one but myself could ever know what I went through! Finally, I was taken to the community of the beloved Mary and there I spent some stormy years. First I was filed with remorse and then resentment tinged with pride, to think that these men and women of humble birth with work-worn hands could speak so easily and freely of the days and nights spent in the presence of the Master Jesus, to think that I who could recite the Scriptures by heart had to listen to them and hear second-hand the story of the Messiah! It was Mary, the Holy Mother, who saved my sanity in that time, by that grace of which her son has spoken so often. It was Mary, who taught me the path of divine love. It was Mary, who taught me that which I have written, that which you will find in my letters in Biblical text.

I wrote that the greatest of all things is love because I knew that was so, having had the least of it among all that assembly. It was the Holy Mother who gave me that consciousness of divine love which enabled me to go forth and be a missionary in feeling as well as in fact.

You who are receiving this instruction now are favored above all men, for you live in the hour of your Master! You need not look back and say: “If I had been there”---You are here now, giving these decrees, sometimes despite the contradictions of reason. At least, what you have done has been within the cosmic Hour and not too late! Remorse is one of the greatest hells of experience and I AM grateful that you will not have to know it. It is to spare mankind such remorse that we come to the skeptics, the agnostics and those who have been disillusioned in the past. We try to bring faith, courage and confidence to them wherever it is possible so to do, so that when mankind enters the Karmic Halls, and looks back upon the life they have lived, they will not have to say: “It might have been!”

Persevere, persevere beloved ones! As one who knows, I can say to you---persevere in love and you shall wear the Crown of Victory and the White Garment! Thank you.

Beloved Hilarion

October 28, 2012

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