Guatama Buddah shared... The more we understand (expand our consciousness) then the more we forgive. I AM that which I have been seeking... always have been always will be. Always & Forever.

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Where does it come from?

From the Magic I AM Presence.

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Mighty I AM Presence

What is Your I AM Presence? The Mighty "I AM" Presence, the HEART of all answers, is both the question and the answer to the proverbial question "WHO AM I?" It Is Your Connection to God - Your God Self

"You are a White-Core Flame, a divine spark of God energy; your Mighty I AM Presence. This creates a Three-Fold Flame which steps down the vibration so that you may have a simulated individualized physical experience. Time is spent in each of the Seven Rays learning about the laws of God before embodiment. This energy then makes up your seven-fold Causal Body. The Holy Spirit coalesces your Holy Christ Self and your Body Elemental develops from the finest substance of air, fire, water and earth. When you are ready to accept guidance from your Mighty I AM Presence, you go through an experience of knowing.

When you call to the Presence, you are calling to the Presence of everyone in the world. Even earnest students do not realize what a power their call to the Presence is.

Contemplate life. Where does it come from? From the Magic I AM Presence. Without that life, light and energy flowing into you from the Presence you would have no intelligence, thought, feeling or action. Therefore you can see that it is the action of the Presence of God. The Presence is the doer in every way. So as to make the outer self accept the fact you can say to your Presence, "It is my Magic I AM Presence making this call; it is the Presence acting and also answering it."

Because mankind has turned away from the light, (although there is a connection with their Presence through the ray or stream of light into the heart), each one must now again make a conscious connection with his Source and make contact with his own God Presence anchored in his heart. To go on into greater expansion and cosmic activities it is one's own I AM Presence he will progress in or through. No one can get away from that no matter what the teaching is.
Each day, hold the attention definitely and unwaveringly on the Presence even if just for a short time.

Try to realize when contemplating the Presence, that in IT are the powers of the Universe, given to you as a gift of Divine Love. Attention to the Presence is the most powerful thing in the Universe, but the attention must be held un-wavering for a time. Knowing the Presence, you now have a point of focus on which to anchor your attention. Give attention to and become acquainted with your own Individualized Presence of God---the Magic I AM Presence.

Since we of our own free will have turned away from the Presence of God, It will not act in our world except by invitation. As you give attention to and call to your Presence It will expand more and more through you. As less attention is given to discord, the Presence expands and increases It's light in you, the shadows and limitations will decrease.

Distance of the Presence---your consciousness determines that. It's closeness is according to your thought and feeling.

In the Love of God I AM a Messenger of the Kingdom,
Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez

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