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Unity Teaching....God I AM

Before Man discovered the law of aerodynamics, to fly was an impossibility. Yet the law itself existed since time immemorial. So, the discovery of the law alone, made flying possible, nothing else. Any learning is merely an unveiling of one’s own light. This is the meaning of enlightenment. We will us an analogy to return to the beginning of the beginning. Despite being only an intellectual approach, it nevertheless points in the right direction.

We imagine the number 1. This 1 could never know itself in its capacity as 1, the indivisible, without its reflection, which is the extension of itself, the number 2. The 2 contains the 1, without the 1 it could not be.  Only now does 1 comprehend itself as 1 by reflecting itself in the 2.  By recognizing itself in its reflection, which is 2, the 1 becomes an understanding of itself, which is 3. The Absolute, or God, is all-encompassing, is All-There-Is.  What is all-encompassing can have no opposite.  It is the ONE.  Needs to reflect its SELF in its SELF, the Christ SELF, to gain cognition of itself in its reflection. What reflects must receive the image first, which it is to reflect. Thus the Son of God is born, the Christ-SELF the Christ, created in the image of “the father”.

The Christ represents the 2, for now there are two aspects of the ONE (1). The 1 contains the potential 2 within itself-the 2 contains the 1. Without the 1 it could not be. The understanding, the Christ, is one of being of ONE Spirit, of being wholly Spirit, is the Holy Spirit, which becomes the 3. This is the TRIAD of God, which is ONE. We may express the same principle as Power-Love-Wisdom.  Wisdom being the understanding, which recognizes the Oneness of Power and Love as PURE BEING, therefore INNOCENCE.

The Father and Son are ONE. (“I and the Father are one”)The Christ is the Christ-SELF of the God-SELF, the crystal SELF of the ONE God. The Christ-SELF carries God within itself, as the number 2 contains within itself the 1. And here, a mind limited to a fallen state of consciousness, already creates division and sees Father and Son as two, instead of as two aspects of One, as Creator/Creation, as God unmanifested and as God manifested. The son aspect of God, the Christ, is the Father expressed, journeying through its Creation for the purpose of experiencing its own potential.

Teaching By
Master Saint Germain

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