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Appreciation Teaching

Definition of Appreciation is, defined by Webster's Dictionary:

a: judgment, evaluation; especially : a favorable critical estimate
b: sensitive awareness; especially : recognition of aesthetic values
c: an expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude
d: increase in value

Write on a piece of paper the word APPRECIATION in large, bold letters. Now stare at the word. Have a blank mind. For 30 seconds and then put the paper down. Repeat the word silently, slowly, 3 times. Now open your eyes and write down all the words you associate with appreciation. (Not necessarily specific things you appreciate, just free association.)

Again write the world APPRECIATION in bold letters at the top of another piece paper. Again put the paper down. Now close your eyes and think of the first time you heard the word appreciation. Try to remember how old you were and what the circumstances were around hearing the word. Wait 30 seconds.

If done as a group have each person state when they first heard the word and circumstances.

Children are often scolded for not being appreciative. Care givers have shamed them for not appreciating their parents, their good health, the food on the table, etc. This sets up a frame of reference around the whole idea of appreciation that is heavily laden with guilt and stamped with the deadly label of “something I should do”. Children then trivialize the whole idea of appreciation. When a child believes he/she is horribly deficient in something that the child doesn’t understand, he/she will devalue it. The truth is that the only way a child learns appreciation is by being appreciated. The natural result of dwelling in this energy is inspiration, joy and a feeling of well being.

Appreciation is the least used and least understood of the more powerful spiritual tools available to you. Appreciation is an attribute of the soul, it is a divine quality. It can accurately be said that whenever you sincerely appreciate anything - a sunset, a flower, a smile - that in the moment… you touch your soul… which means you are elevated and aligned with subtler reaches of your own being. It can be said that your vibration will increase, that there will be an elevation of your consciousness. It is the most painless way to grow… it is the natural state of the soul.

Lets do another exercise:

Write APPRECIATION on a clean sheet of paper. Stare at it 30 seconds. Write down all the things you appreciate. How much are you honoring the things you say you appreciate on your list. Look at the specific categories - music, arts, activities. Notice whether your listings are about yourself.

Once More:

WRITE APPRECIATION on a clean sheet of paper. Stare at it 30 seconds. Write down all the things you appreciate about yourself. Now look at list, mark the items that probably no one in this room would know about you.

How can these items be more revealed to people, so they can appreciate you in these areas. Can you allow people to see these aspects about yourself. Show your stuff!!! DO APPRECIATION EXERCISE on each other. Each person tells what you appreciate about person sitting in chair. Person in chair can’t speak. Talk about how you can shift an angry or troubled emotion into a positive just by appreciating someone. Notice how uncomfortable we feel when we are appreciated, learn to soak in that energy and own it for yourself.

l.  Prayer I - an excellent way to have more appreciation.
2. Will - make a sincere effort of will to find more to appreciate.

Begin to log what you appreciate. Each night write out the 5 things you appreciate most that happened during your day. Do for 21 days or up to 3 months. See how much it becomes habit.  TELL SOMEBODY EVERY DAY YOU APPRECIATE THEM.

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