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Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez    &    Susan Hannah Sanchez

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We are literally at the apex from living in peace and harmony and all sickness and disease being eradicated from our society. it cannot exist in the high frequencies of light.

All your bodies will become light; they will not be as dense as they are now and you can help this process every day by seeing your body as a light body. See your body as white light with gold on the outside because this is Ascension’s light. When Jesus ascended off Bethany Hill in front of 500 people, they looked up and witnessed this white light. He turned white with gold on the outside.  The gold was the gold of Christ consciousness and the color of Ascension’s Flame. He rose up just like the sun. It was  like looking at the sun right now, almost blinding. 

So if you can see your body with a Three-Fold Flame in it, you could do wonders to speed up the electrons rotating around the atoms in your body. You will start noticing that from now on whenever you lift your hands, they are paper light. You do not feel the density of your body any more and you will see that it is easier to actually manifest what was dormant in you all along--levitation in your light body. You do not think of yourself as the dense body that you once thought you were. 

When Jesus walked on the water, he was walking in his light body and he said Peter come forth and he held out his hand. Peter went out in his light body but the moment he started thinking of his dense body, he became dense and that is why he started sinking.  

You can create that reality. We all create our own reality all the time.

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