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Enlightenment is any learning that unveils one’s light. 

The true definition of a Light Worker is one who works with the light. You may choose to meditate along your journey, for meditation is one of the tools of a spiritual warrior. Light Workers do not live without meditation. They do not exist without it, they do not even phantom a day without connecting with their God or connecting with their Presence in some form. 

I have seen the Presence in other people but the most difficult thing that any lifestream will ever encounter in their life is to walk out into the world of form; into a public place, an airport, a mall, a corner gas station, or anywhere they go and see the person behind the counter as well as anyone that passes, as part of God.

As the calls in your body all make up your body whole, they all operate in order to support each other and thw whole body, even though these cells all look different and have different functions, i.e. - brain cells, heart cells, blood cells and cells that make up your skin. Mankind is in the same type of grid, of alignment. As individuals we look different, act different and have different "jobs" or passions and create differently, we are all part of the ONE-NESS, each a part of the Universal design of Wholeness.


One part of the Plan - that intelligence - is crystal clear: Universal intelligence is definitely concerned with more than me. It is concerned with the operation and well-being of the Whole - a Whole so large I can't fathom it. So opening myself to univeral inelligence automatically influences me to keep my intentions for myself in perspective. And from that perspective, I know that when I try to benefit myself at the expense of someone or something else, it's not going to work out as neatly as I think, because the Plan simply doesn't operate that way. On the other hand, the closer I get to benefiting The Whole, the more aligned I become with operations of universal intelligence.

-Albert Einstein, The World As I See It

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