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Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez    &    Susan Hannah Sanchez

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The Wave is Coming! Tsunami!


Blessed I AM Presence found everywhere and in continual unceasing glory, we ask that thy intelligence which is perfect, to divulge to us the meaning and purpose for our complete understanding the words to follow written herein so that I may illuminate my heart and mind to the present condition of consciousness on the celestial plane known as Earth. 

So that through my conscious effort of my individualized Mighty I AM Presence in union with the Holy Spirit, through the power of the Christ of God in me, I may through my perfect body elementals radiate forth the needed changes in consciousness, perception and deliver myself and all men free by sublimating lesser forms of energy through the Power of the sacred fire, the love of God that always prevails and the Light of God that never fails.  I AM the Active PRESENCE doing this perfect work for the Greater Good of All.

Remember it was the whole...everyone’s participation at some level that created this and hence it came to pass.  Murky muddy water indicates the invasion of [ulterior] motives, unclean thoughts and muddled emotions and feeling[s].  With pure intention know clean thoughts and consciousness with love generated and co-created thoughts your God Self the Mighty I AM Presence, in Union with the Holy Spirit, through the Active part of the I AM CHRIST in you, magnetized into your being and radiated, expanded out into the world of form, you can create.

You can create a new, even better than before, you can crate paradise, The Garden of Eden, once again so that the Divine Plan of Mother Father God may be fulfilled by our elect, the children of God.  You are here to assist in the creation of Heaven on Earth.  It can be done, it will be done, it is being done even now.  The perfection of the Kingdom of God will ensue with or without you.  It is inevitable at this point of evolution and this truth is unchangeable. 



CHANNELED by Sensei Anthony Sanchez

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