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The Cristian Credo

“ I believe in God, the Father Almighty, creator of Heaven and earth and in Jesus Christ, his only son, our Lord who was conceived by the Holy Ghost and born of the Virgin Mary”.  The opening lines of the orthodox Christian Credo is a sweeping acknowledgment of the only one Creator and of Christ, his only son, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born through Mary.

The founders of the Christian Church promulgated the idea that Jesus, the individual, and not the Christ nature, was the only begotten son of the Father, which left the rest of humanity looking up to a perfection that they could never hope to attain by virtue of Jesus’ unique position as the ONLY SON of the Father God.  Jesus, however, did not confirm this claim of the church, for he said, “It is not I, but the Father within,” that doeth the works”.  He never claimed to be different from the companions and disciples with whom he associated, except in the control of his thinking and feeling faculties.

The teachings of the Master Jesus pointed man, again and again, the “Father God” and the unification of the individual consciousness with the will of the Father.  “Not my will, but thine be done”.  He endeavored to change the feelings of the people with confidence and faith in the God-power by which he, himself, performed all the seeming miracles of healing and conversion.  “According to your faith, be it unto you” he said on many occasions.

Jesus taught that man is a thinking and feeling being and therein lies his likeness to the Heavenly Father, who by thought and feeling created a universe, peopled it, and sustains it, to this day.

Man lived, for aeons of time, in the heart of God (in the heavenly realm) where his spirit was brought to full maturity,  guarded and guided and instructed by intelligent God beings; who had reached their maturity earlier.  When it came time for these embryonic God-beings to go forth and learn—through individual experience the law governing creation, beautiful light bodies were prepared for them and thus they took up their abode on the various planets, prepared beforehand, for their reception.  Some of them came to the planet Earth and for ages lived happily, fulfilling their divine plan in peace and happiness, returning home after their lesson had been learned.

Every one knows the story of the “fall” and how these sons of God lost their rights to the Father’s kingdom.  DOWN through the ages, since that unhappy occurrence, the Father has sent many emissaries who, by virtue of understanding life have been recognized as “Christ men” or sons of God.  The one that is best remembered in the Eastern Hemisphere is known as Lord Buddah, and in the Western hemisphere as Jesus, the Christ.

Yet, these men never claimed that they were unique in themselves, as being “the only begotten sons of God”.  They both taught universal brotherhood and sonship with God.  They healed the sick and raised the dead and both said, “What I AM all men shall be”.  They have had many followers studying their words, very few have imitated their works.  

It is now the activity of a body of men called the Great White Brotherhood (a group of emancipated beings from the earth and other planets, who are striving to reach man’s consciousness through the veil), to explain again to the humanity of earth, the power that lies within his own faculties to create, sustain and expand the divine plan which was ordained for him, from the “beginning” by a loving father and that all the unhappy experiences that make life unbearable are actually the result of the misuse of his own creative faculties (thoughts and feeling) and that by learning to control the energy in these centers, he may change the pattern of his life, making it one of health and joy and happiness instead of one of toil and worry and travail.

The Master Jesus, (who is an active member of the Great White Brotherhood said, during his ministry in Judea, that every jot and tittle of discordantly-qualified energy drawn forth by the individual must be balanced before one could “enter the Kingdom”.  This means that every unkind word and deed and thought by which one has hurt any part of life (in whichever of the four lower kingdoms it may be evolving) must, be balanced by good.  Under the Law of Compensation, this would take aeons of time and energy and in man’s present state of ignorance, it would be an almost impossible task.

However, under a Dispensation of the New Age, which is upon us, the knowledge of the Sacred Fire has been conferred upon man.  This is an externalization of the Law of Mercy and Forgiveness. Through the application of the flame of love, which man may invoke, his being and his world may be swept clean of all indebtedness to life due to his past measures of energy.  He may invoke this cleansing and purifying flame for himself, his loved ones, his home, his nation and the world in general.  It also has illuminating power, which cleans the understanding and awakens the spiritual faculties. It is the greatest gift that a loving Father could bestow on his erring children, because it is the power of love divine and it brings peace and health and prosperity and harmony and happiness in its wake.  Through lack of understanding, man has been slow to accept the spiritual gifts held out by the Father, through his emissaries.  This is the gift of grace from the Holy Spirit.  Take it and us it, and be free.

When man awakens from the dream of ignorance in which he has been so long submerged he will find the words of the CREDO refer to him, as well as to the Master Jesus, that he, too, is a son of God, conceived by the love of the Holy Spirit and born through the Immaculate conception of the Father-Mother, exemplified by the VIRGIN Mary.  Jesus said, “it is the spirit that quickeneth – the flesh profiteth nothing”.

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