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The Christ is God in action.  Every man, woman and child has God within and those who allow The God principle to flow through them, express The Christ, which is not the individuals outer consciousness, but rather that part of life which allows The Godhead to flow freely forth in active expression.  The expression of Christ in the world of men is the Holy Spirit!

I became aware of God within me when I was very young in years, because in all my actions, there seemed to be an impelling force apart from my conscious self, that directed those actions along constructive lines.  Knowing that this living Presence that dwelt within me was yet apart from my personal identity, I began, as soon as the earth law would permit, to seek the understanding of this propelling power.

Every man, woman and child may cultivate and draw forth this impelling force, although the average man lives so constantly in the “little self” consciousness that the Christ power is dormant and exerts little influence on the outer actions of the individual.  The more awakened the ego has become through the previous embodiments, the more alive is this Inner Presence and the greater is its influence on the outer consciousness.

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