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The Three Flames Jesus Used

Address By Beloved Jesus

It is not numbers, but quality of consciousness, which determines the efficacy of the power of God released.

You now return into your personal orbits, into your homes, your businesses, your temples of worship. Will you bring with you a realization of the ever-presence of God? It has been my message since I took my final incarnation. You and all men, women and children belonging to our evolution, live in the presence of God, that great harmonizing, healing, purifying PRESENCE that fills all space. It is but the vibrating action of your own mental and feeling worlds that has short-circuited your consciousness for that realization and acceptance. It is merely the conscious changing of the quality of your energy that will re-connect you with that EVER-PRESENCE.

Beloved ones, experiment now with the realization that the changing of the quality of your energy means the connecting of your light with the ever-present God, which is all health, all beauty, all supply, all harmony. There is only one power that conducts energy into your world and that is THE QUALITY OF FEELING.The control of your own energy, so that at any instant it connects with the full power of God, makes you master. It is the exact same application, which I used, and which made me a conductor for seeming miraculous power. The meeting of the vibratory action of my own energies with the ever-presence of God and then the connection of my energy through the mental and feeling world of the supplicant, raising their energy to a point where I might conduct through myself, and into them, the specific requirement of the moment, is the LAW scientifically, mathematically accurate. There was nothing mysterious, nothing occult, in this service and (THERE WERE NO SPECIAL POWERS ENOWED UPON ME). You are conductors of energy, consciously or unconsciouslyYou are either short-circuited, living in a world of SEPARTENESS, or you are in tune and in harmony with the infinite Ever-Presence.

Have you contemplated recently the phrase you use so freely, “BELOVED PRESENCE OF GOD” if the presence of God is within you, where is the appearance, which seems to limit?  Please ponder upon these things.

There are three great flames I used in my ministry, flames and activities of the Sacred Fire, which were given to me by my TEACHER, which enabled me to control the energies of my world. The first was the Resurrection Flame, which quickened the vibratory action of my physical and inner bodies, making each tiny electron, spinning around its own central pole move more rapidly and throwing off the vibratory action of Earth, connected my vibration with that of this Ever-Presence. 

The second was the Flame of Transfiguration, enabling the Sacred Fire within me to expand more powerfully than the atomic pressure of the outer world.

The third flame I used was the great ASCENSION FLAME which, surging through my physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies, carried the energies of my world upward into connection and contact with my own Christ Self and the Father-Mother God of this Universe. Those flames are still in existence. They have grown and intensified in power in the thousands of years since I availed myself of their presence. You, beloved ones, have opportunity now as you enter this brand new shining year to use the Resurrection, Transfiguration and Ascension Flames to make your energy a harmonious conductor of the gifts and powers of this EVER-PRESENT ONE.

We stand at the threshold of new opportunity. The peoples of Earth have been bathed in the Violet Flame of Mercy and Compassion. Every mistake and error that has been committed without definite intent to do wrong has been melted and transmuted—cause, effect, record and memory.  Your inner bodies and your flesh are lighter this day than they have been since January 1st of the preceding year. You have less pressure upon you, so avail yourselves before you begin to weave anew. Avail yourselves of the inner freedom, which has been yours through this mercy and through the grant of the Karmic Board, which has melted so much of the human veil, enabling you, if you choose, to realize the ever-presence of your God and the master powers of the Universe.

Have you thought today, that you and I both stand at the same threshold? Sanat Kumara, Saint Germain, Lord Maitreya, each and everyone. Ascended and unascended, applicants to the storehouse of the Universal, drawing the same light, facing the same opportunity to qualify energy! What shall you make of your days, your months and your years? We are dedicated to making of ours the externalization of the Kingdom of Heaven and the glory of that Father. You are dedicated in spirit to the same service or you would not be here present with us this hour. The simple, homely illustration that in the manifestation of control of your feelings is your connection with the cosmic power of God the Father, or any Perfected Being, should give you a feeling of comfort and mastery that you are NOT alone, except as you short-circuit your own personal life through discord.

There is no life outside of yourselves that can maintain the control of your energy, because free will is your gift from the Universal First Cause, but if you choose to maintain and sustain a vibratory action through your feeling world that connects with the Kingdom of Heaven and its inhabitants, at any instant, our powers and gifts are yours, and through you may be conducted into the lives of others.

Given February 8, 2011

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