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Explanation of the Holy Trinity

By Beloved Ascended Master Jesus

Dearly beloved of Earth, I bring you the benediction of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

Today we come into the activity of the forming of that magnificent “Star of David”  The upper part of that star (the upper triangle pointed downward) exists long before the lower triangle pointed upward – the lower triangle aspiring toward connection and merging with the upper one. In other words, there must be a focus of some God-intelligence already established and releasing from above, God -inspiration and the electronic pull of light and love to be able to stir within the hearts of men an impetus towards the desire for God- perfection once again.

For instance on my ascension from the Hill of Bethany,  formed first  the pattern of light, which is the upper triangle of that star.  Throughout the centuries, which have since passed, the aspirations and devotions, the mediations and contemplations of countless millions of people upon what they choose to call “the Mysteries”, have formed a triangle pointing upward, in an endeavor to contact and ever reach that Ascended Master Jesus Christ, mastery and make it their own!

In this new activity that you are experiencing, which has been established and brought forth by the Ascended Master El Morya to assist the Ascended Master St. Germain, we have now the merging of the two triangles through grace.  The merging of those triangles takes place when that, which is the Ascended Master’s gift (the radiation of their consciousness, which is their feeling of victorious accomplishment, is lowered into and through the emotional, mental, etheric and physical consciousness of one or more sincere lifestreams gathered together, who can accept, not only one presence, but the possibility and activity of the communion between Perfect Beings of light from our realm and unascended beings in this octave.  Today this “gift” to you is the radiation of my consciousness of Ascended Jesus Christ victory, but it could just as well be any other Ascended Master’s gift to you.

You have the forming of the perfect “double triangle” (“Star of David”) when the Ascended Masters radiation is directed down into the consciousness of earnest, unascended lifestreams.  The lower triangle pointing upward is formed by the consciousness of the up-reaching lifestreams, whose physical bodies form an actual grail through which that grace and benediction is allowed to flow into and through the brain consciousness, then you have the perfect “double triangle”, which is the full connection between the cosmic Ascended Master and angelic realms and the realm of humankind, in which you abide at present.

All over the world this morning, as the beloved Helios and Vesta (God and Goddess of our physical sun)  begin to pour their glorious light rays from the Sun to our Earth, there have been public services and individual communions with the Ascended Jesus Christ consciousness, which I represent.  The energies in the uprising devotions have been incorporated by the builders of form (in cooperation with the angel devas of ceremony) into the double triangle of the “Star of David” of which I speak.  The radiation of my victorious accomplishment will steadily intensify all through this day and finally be world engulfing in its uplifting service to mankind.  So, consciously accept the gifts, which I bring to you today from the upper portion of the “double triangle”, which also represents the out pouring of the gifts from the Great Central Source of all life.

Beloved ones, this great radiation, which it is my privilege to bring into the world of form today, brings to mind my own experience with that beautiful, immortal Three-fold Flame of eternal truth within my heart, which abides also within your hearts!  At that time, we called that Three-fold Flame, “The Christ”.  In as simple terms as possible, let me now endeavor to explain to you the Hold Trinity and the activity of the Christ for you.  (Today, we shall not go up beyond Helios and Vesta of our physical sun, but we could go up and up indefinitely.)

First, you have beloved Helios and Vesta representing the Father – Mother God to this system of worlds.  Then you have the creation by them of the individualized I AM Presence of each lifestreams and their projection of the immortal Three – fold Flame of eternal truth into its heart.  In then the beautiful Electronic Presence (“I AM”) experiences through itself the divine nature, the spirit of the Father – Mother God, representing the activity of the Holy Spirit in celestial realms.

Of course, this is in celestial realms!  First you have the God-parents of the system and then you have the millions of Electronic I AM Presences, which, in turn, have around the their Causal Bodies, which they have created by the release of their God nature, following the divine plan of the God Parents.  Now, we come to a consideration of the lower activity, insofar as it affects you, unascended.

For our instructions now, let up consider thus:  your own I AM Presence becomes for you, the Father –Mother God, The Christ abiding  within your physical heart is the Son which, when allowed to consciously direct and completely control the four lower bodies creates around your physical form the same glory as your own Causal Body and a Holy Spirit in the atmosphere around you, as well.

So, as we have explained to you, there is the Holy Trinity of God-expression, so far as the celestial realms are concerned.  Then, too, in a perfectly developed individual still unascended, the I AM Presence of that one represents the Father of him, the Christ Presence within his heart represents the Son (which son is made in the image and likeness of that Presence), then there is also The Holy Spirit present, the created aura of harmoniously qualified energy, filled with FAITH in the perfection of the will of God, of ILLUMINATION as to the fulfillment of the divine plan, the LOVE of the God parents expressing to all creation, the Purity of the God-nature holding to the perfection of the fulfillment of the divine plan, the ability to CONCENTRATE upon and follow through the producing of the divine ideas and designs, the RHYTHM OF INVOCATION needed to produce a symmetrical  pattern and feeling of GOD PEACE,  which protects, sustains and expands the perfection drawn forth.

In all religions and occult studies you will find that, which cannot be explained clearly to the people is carefully placed in the category of “mysteries” by its priesthood.  There it remains and the sincere  aspirant is left without a full cognizance of the simplicity of the truth.  Therefore, the Hold Trinity has been referred to as “a mystery” for many ages.

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