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Let Your Christ Control

By Beloved Ascended Master Jesus

I came into embodiment in this world of form to represent the nature of the God-parents at the heart of this universe.  All through the ages, I spent much time studying the present activities and nature of Helios and Vesta.  I considered very carefully what they had done with the immortal Three-fold Flame of Truth, within their beating hearts.  Now, unascended lifestreams looking upon the physical Sun, might feel that it is “The Ultimate” but, as a matter of fact, your physical Sun is a very small Sun in comparison to the galaxies, which swing around the Great Central Sun.

Helios and Vesta drew primal life from the source of their beings.  Then, they consecrated themselves (according to their capacities) to use that flame of life to magnetize from that infinite source of their own life, as much as they could assimilate and radiate, according to their abilities to utilize that radiation as a benediction and a blessing to the universe, which they had drawn forth.  They had learned the use of the two activities of the flame within the heart, magnetization (cohesion) and radiation, (centripetal and centrifugal force).  They knew that by radiation they could keep the planets of their system in a certain order, each planet a certain designated distance from its sister planet and so create a harmony and unity of pattern and purpose in their universe.  They knew, too, that by magnetization (cohesion) they could hold the planets in the perfect place in their orbit, keeping them from of laying off into interstellar space.

Helios and Vesta used the same two activities of light and life which we are endeavoring to use now to develop among the earnest and sincere chelas, the power of magnetizing the God-qualities of perfection, then radiating them forth.

While I was studying the nature and activities of the beloved Helios and Vesta and saw the precision of their use of the powers of magnetization and radiation, as I looked upon the glories of their Causal Bodies from the consciousness of my own electronic Presence, I was able to absorb much of their nature of deity which nature I brought with me through the “veil” of birth and embodied it through a physical form here on this Earth. I began at my mother’s knee to learn how to externalize what we called, in that day, the Christ Presence.

As I grew a little older, I voluntarily submitted to and victoriously passed through the initiation of the Temple of Luxor in Egypt (the Ascension Temple). When we finally returned to Jerusalem, I began that activity of conscious magnetization and radiation of the nature of the Father in daily life, which was a practical blessing to our fellowman. Of this radiating activity we never spoke. We kept it in our hearts and others only knew of it by the manifesting about us of a certain peace, of healing, faith, illumination, and the various God –virtues and qualities which mankind required, of which they desired possession and came to receive. However, the consciousness of unascended mankind has accepted my personality as the author and giver of the gift, rather than the Christus, the immortal Three-fold Flame of Eternal Truth which had expanded form within me, releasing its God–gifts to all. THIS SAME FLAME IS WITHIN THE HEART OF EVERYONE! That is why I said: “ the things which I have one shall ye do”

As this erroneous consciousness increased in the worlds of those I contacted at that time and those I had come to teach, it became quite clear to me and to my own beloved Guru ( Lord Maitreya) as well as to others who were watching the progress of my ministry from the Ascended Master realms, that even the most sincere devotes of my teaching were losing the perception that it was the Christ Flame and not my personality  which was doing the so called “miracles”. FOR THIS REASON I WAS CALLED UPON TO CLOSE MY MINISTRY AT THE TIME THAT I DID, FOR THROUGH THE DEVOTION TO MY PHYSICAL PRESENCE, THOSE I WAS TEACHING WERE NOT EXPANDING THE POWERS AND ACTIVITIES OF THE CHRIST WITHIN THEIR OWN HEART.

In the recession of my physical form (through the victory of ascension) the disciples who gathered in the “upper chamber” and those sincere men and women who chose to join together with my mother and form the Holy Colony at Bethany, began to externalize from within themselves the powers and controlled activities of this magnificent Christ Presence. They began to know beyond the shadow of the doubt that, at their call, it could and would act through them to bring peace, instantaneous healing, the capacity to teach, of whatever God blessing was required to bring divine order everywhere it was needed.

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