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We have been asked to give an accounting of the Great White Brotherhood to speak of it’s spirit. I, myself, and those close to me, most certainly benefitted by the protection and blessing of this spirit which gave so lavishly of itself in helping us to fulfill our mission.

Remember, beloved ones, THIS  SPIRIT  RECEIVES  ALL  THE  FULL  ACCUMALATED GOOD  THAT  ANY  ONE  HUMAN  OR  DIVINE,  ACCOMPLISHES  IN  THIS  WORLD OF  FORM into itself. Thus each year, it grows in grace and beauty and power. This is only just. As cosmic “Trustee” for the investment of more than ordinary spiritual energies through any lifestream, that lifestreams momentum of good is automatically the property, one might say, of this spirit. For instance in my case, innumerable angels and Divine Beings were sent by this spirit to guard, protect, warn and sustain us through the long and trying experiences of my final Earth life. At the request of this spirit, they gave a tremendous amount of their own life, to the cosmic cause (establishment of the Christian Dispensation).

Thus, the fruits of that dispensation belonged to and were freely given into the keeping of that spirit, not only during my Earth life, but even up to the present day. So, anyone with a pure, selfless motive may invoke all the full gathered cosmic momentum of the Christian Dispensation to flow to, through and all around them or others whom they see are doing the work of the Christ in the world of form (or in the inner levels of consciousness where souls, not wholly free, are still working out untransmuted human karma). Anyone may, in like manner, invoke the full gathered cosmic momentum of Lord Gautama’s service to, through and all around sincere unascended lifestreams who are continuing in his name, to spread the doctrine of the Middle Way.

It is only in the human octave that personality seeks to hold unto power, the glory and the benefits of works well done.  THE  TRUE  “DEVOTEE”  OF  THE  GREAT WHITE  BROTHERHOOD  DOES  THE  WORKS  IN  THE  FATHER’S  NAME  AND GIVES  ALL  CREDIT,  AS  WELL  AS  ALL  THE  FRUITS  OF  THE  HARVEST,  BACK UNTO  THE  SPIRIT  OF  THE  GREAT  WHITE  BROTHERHOOD  SO  IT  CAN  BE UTILIZED  AGAIN  AND  AGAIN  TO  HELP  OTHERS  SEEKING  TO  DO  THE  SAME TYPE  OF  WORK  IN  A  LATER  DAY.  The Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood is the Cosmic Trustee, appointed by God himself, to hold the fruits of works well done (and the feelings of accomplishment generated in doing these works) in the atmosphere of the Earth so that all who desire to hasten the freedom of Earth’s evolutions may have easy access to these powers and grace.

Personally, I do bless this spirit for it’s sustaining power in Gethsemane’s Garden and on Golgotha’s Hill. I am rejoiced that this spirit has sustained the harvest of our endeavors and I am always delighted when anyone chooses to partake of our humble gift to the Earth which the spirit of the Great white Brotherhood, upon request, makes available to any sincere and unselfish lifestream! Invoke this shining presence into your services and feel the power of its Presence acting through you! I know whereof I speak!

September 2012

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