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Jesus The Christ

This was the original prayer offered to the Inner Circle of the followers of Jesua Ben Joseph (Christ, Jesus) as related by Gary Bonnel, a Clairvoyant who read it from the Akashic Records…the library of each person’s soul.

Lord’s Prayer

I AM the Mother Father principle in Creation
Hallowed is the name, I AM.
I AM the Kingdom come, I AM Will being done.
I AM on Earth even as I am in all Kingdoms.
I AM this day giving Life to all Creation,
   Even as I AM all Creation giving life to me.
I AM this day releasing all doubt, even as
I AM all doubt releasing Me.
I AM the Sovereign witness to My Unfolding.
I AM the Power, and I AM the Glory.
From Everlasting, unto Everlasting.
All this I AM.

Use this prayer daily for a period of two weeks. Say it aloud in the morning, and evening.  Watch how it changes the energy of your journey.  Also be mindful of what words follow any “I am” statements such as, “I am happy or I am angry.”  These statements are particularly potent.  Use the “I AM Declaration very consciously and with clear intention.”


"The sword of spirit is the tongue.  You live and die by the sword, the tongue.  You die by what comes out of your mouth.  What goes into man defileth not as much as what comes out.  Spew out anger and it results in dis-ease physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, one of the four lower bodies.  As you sow, so shall you reap.  The law is starting to intertwine.  It is starting to make a little braid here and it has many things attached to it.  Because words were used he meant by the spoken word he became the source of the spirit.  He used the tongue, the power of the spoken word.  Jesus said,' get thee behind me for it is written by you know the law.'  He was not saying that it was written at that time because there was no Bible.  It was misconstrued.  He was saying that it was written in the Laws of God." 

"...Jesus came down through the vehicle of birth.  He went through many initiations and made the grade.  That is what made him great and he even conquered the greatest fear of man—death!  Nobody had done this before, none of the other ascended beings died and were up walking around the planet talking to people and nobody before him left the imprint of Ascension in the etheric realm.  That is true to this very day.  He proved that the Mosaic Law no longer held water, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.  He taught three things: love, forgiveness, and compassion, which were the three watchwords of the Galilean, the man from Bethlehem." 
Master Jesus Christ

(Taken from Sacred Mystery School,
Dhyani Buddhas.)


It Was A Good Friday

"On his sacred sojourn the Christ bled on this day…[It] was the thought system of the world so that it could be redeemed…How your thoughts have been let go, how you were made forth anew…The Christ was taken from the cross and laid in the tomb and how he regenerated and resurfaced and Resurrected to show you that you could conquer the body."
Lord Maha Chohan

Taken from, Walking the Gematria Trail, A Modern Day Guide for Spiritual Ascension

He explains that, “When you speak of the ‘I AM’ in this manner, you are giving recognition to the dimensional reality of Christ Awareness.  The teacher Jesus spoke this way when he was asked by whose authority he taught.  He said, “The I AM is the way, and the Truth, and the Light, and no one may enter the Kingdom of Christ Awareness realm unless through the I AM.”


I AM Worthy

"Oh blessed is the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world. Happy are we to partake of that nature. Many a Christian church has told you, ‘Lord I am not worthy to receive you and only say the word and I shall be healed.’ Beloveds, better it was told to you in this manner than that for it serves the lower nature, ‘Lord I am worthy to receive you just say the word and I will heal.’ And that word is ‘I AM." Master Jesus the Christ

Christ Consciousness

"For you who have not heard it said we repeat again, the blood streams from the heart. Yes the Master Jesus said, ‘This is my blood.’ referring to his thoughts that are his Christ mind. ‘Do this in memory of me.’ Use the thoughts that are the consciousness of the Christ." Master Jesus the Christ

Taken from "Lamb of God Grant Us Peace, Creating the Veil of Light."

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