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Lord Gautama Buddha

Dispensations for 2009 
The Year of High Hopes and Expectations

#1. The first dispensation issued forth is for the awakening and increased manifestation for all lifestreams, to create their desired outcomes with greater efficacy.  The allowance of the channel in the crown to be opened to receive guidance and illumination from the Council’s on High.

#2. To increase the awareness and the allowance of the Star Brethren* to communicate in visible ways to the evolving lifestreams on Terra*.

#3. The dispensation of all things that were hidden from view that mis-led lifestreams in government, healthcare, education, and religions be revealed.  To afford lifestreams the capacity to choose again and to direct their consciousness toward unity, compassion, and harmony between diversity, so that it can be restored to oneness for all.

#4. For Cosmic Light activities to be dispensed to create a more accelerated change on the planet, and the lessening of cataclysmic activity in 2009 and beyond.

#5. A dispensation for the Third Wave of Ascension to be granted on December 21, 2009, and the choice to remain in embodiment or to go further into the Universal and Galactic realms of God’s Kingdom.

#6. For new information on how to spontaneously heal and awaken can be given to lifestreams on Terra by the Star Brethren above to resolve and convince them of their Godhood both personal and collective.

*Star Brethren refers to the Ascended Masters each time it is used.

*Terra refers to Mother Earth.

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