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Lord Gautama

Dispensations for 2010 

(Address Given at Grand Teton Retreat, January 2010)

Dispensations from the Teton Retreat 2010:

The dispensations for the year of our Lord 2010 from the Karmic Board, the Lords of Justice and Mercy, the Lords of the Balance of Life. . . . .

The first dispensation is for the allowance of Divine Intervention to exceed it allowance issued hitherto, for the purposes of expanding peace, visible and tangible Peace throughout Earth’s terrestrial plane especially in the hearts of its children.

The second dispensation being afforded lifestreams on Terra are for the Galactic Family of Light and the Federation of Light Beings to make their presence known in ways that are nonthreatening and the removal of cloaking devices for optimal viewing of these Motherships and the utilization and Light technology to assist humanity’s energy needs.

The third dispensation is for Mass Ascension to occur between December 15, 2010 until January 3rd, 2011 for lifestreams who have renounced the third dimensional patterns of Duality/Separation consciousness.

The fourth dispensation is for the allowance of a carbon based cellular design to mutate to a crystalline base design by the amplification of Cosmic Light activity from the Central Sun and the Physical Sun to all lifestreams embodied on Terra.

The fifth dispensation is for the nullification of all weapons of destruction by the Stargate in the Sea of Aden for the full activation of the Stargate to occur this year, to release the force horizontally negating the effects of all weapons thereby insuring peace on Earth according to the fervent.

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