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The Dispensations for January 1, 2012

By The Lord of the World,Lord Guatama Buddah 
Grand Teton Retreat

Greetings and blessings of Cosmic Christ Peace, Harmony,
Love and Joy to all evolving on Terra/Earth.

#1 bestowing the privilege of the Galactic Federation of Light, to assist humanity, elementals and angles now.  Dissolving the previous agreement of free will and dominion, thereby allowing for their Presence to be known in mass once again.

#2 is for assistance to avert any poly/plan for mass extinction by dark or off planet forces, to any part of life existing on Earth now.

#3 is for the cleaning of the four lower bodies of man; physical, emotional, mental and etheric, by those willing to serve as wayshowers, leaders, teachers, guides, both seen and unseen. Hitherto, releasing information of the cleansing process, as received by those in the Ascended Realms, Angels and Spirit guides.  Thereby allowing for an expedient transition from third, to fourth, to fifth dimensional frequencies in the first half of this year.

#4 is for the freedom of all trapped elementals, angels and man from subservience to high priest and priestess of darkness, who have been under their direction now and in the times to come.  For peace and harmony to be restored as it once was on Earth as it is in heaven.  Therefore, beginning to make all responsible for their thoughts, feelings, spoken words and deeds and accountable to the Law of life, the Law of Love.

#5 for the restructuring of all levels of governments, ethics, morals, religions and means of exchange for goods and services provided by life streams evolving on Terra.   Also the mitigation of all cataclysmic events in this cycle of time, in the Earth, on the Earth or in it atmosphere.

Beloveds, these dispensations as they are fulfilled, shall convince you in an exceeding fashion…the Love the Universal First Cause, has for it creations, where you abide now.  Remember, now is the time to act accordingly in assisting the Great Divine Plan of The Most High, by joining groups, meditating and consciously co-creating the Golden Age, which is already upon you, now.  The times that lie ahead, together in this endeavor, promises to be one that exceeds all your present expectations.  If it were not so, I would not have

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