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Messages of the Masters

“Each of us is a priceless and irreplaceable treasure in God’s Kingdom.”

“The Diamond in my heart radiates the iridescent colors of truth and the seven rays of which I am a part.”

“We hold the perfect memory of the one I AM and Holy Son of the Sun we are.”

“Spend time in the inner realms molding, shaping and feeding your dream till it is manifest.”

“The Law of the Circle is serve and be served.”

“Take in God’s radiance and radiate it out into the world.”

“All have equal capacity to tap into Kingdom resources.”

“Accordance with God’s will brings contentment.”

“A State of Grace is the heart open and the mind receptive.”

“Become reacquainted with Hope and the possibility of renewal.”

“Collaborate in bringing more Light ton the planet.”

“The screen of life mirrors back [to you] in perfect form.”
-Lord Lanto-

(From The North American Buddhas and The Great Awakening book)

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