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The Control of the FOUR LOWER BODIES - Intro

By Beloved Lord Maitreya

As the beloved St. Germain has recently explained on various occasions, the four lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental and emotional) are closely interrelated, one with the other, just as climbers who are making a steep ascent upon a glacier, are tied together for safety’s sake.  Each one depends upon the other’s sure footing, upon the capacity and training of the other, in order to reach the apex of the mountain.  The slip of the foot of any one (caused by hysteric, emotional unbalance or, perhaps by some accident to the physical body) is apt to plummet the entire group into a crevasse and obliterate them  (temporarily) at least from the physical appearance world.  It is exactly the same thing with your inner bodies!

If, through habit, your feelings (emotional body) have been allowed to explode at will and to throw out resentment and rebellion with little or no attempt on your part to control them, that emotional body immediately pulls down with it the other three vehicles into the slower vibrations of the astral realm.  Then you have a headache and mental fog, you have another scar on the etheric body and you usually have some physical repercussion in the flesh form.

If the mental body is allowed to dwell upon thoughts of impurity, obscenity or the imperfections of other lifestreams (whether it is so called “fact or fancy”) it eventually involves the emotional body.  That body then comes over to see what is going on (so to speak) and a new party is started.  Thus the entire group again is plummeted into the psychic and astral realms.

If the etheric body is allowed, continually, to revert to the injustices of the past, it revivifies those distresses again, many times.  Making them re-occur in your present experience.  You know the etheric body is a great one to “watch” for such opportunities to express itself, while you are on vacation or when you are not actually busy doing something else at the moment.  That is when the etheric body becomes active and the stirring energies within it say: “Do you remember thus and so?”

Finally, the mind and feelings get into it and you have the “slough” of lowered vibrations again.  Then there is only one thing to do and this same procedure has been used century after century by all sincere lifestreams who wish to become Master of their worlds.  That procedure is, to change the vibratory action of those bodies, by raising them (as the speed of the airplane propeller raises the plane into the air) by increasing the vibration of those bodies to the point where harmony, purity, happiness, peace and general well being exist.

Lord  Maitreya

February 8, 2012


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