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The Control of the FOUR LOWER BODIES # 1

By Beloved Lord Maitreya

God  Control  Imperative  For  All

THIS  IS  IMPERSONAL  LAW!  It has nothing to do with any particular individual or any special lifestream upon the planet.  It is just Law!  While you allow the vibrations of any one of your bodies to become discordant, you immediately sink into the “slough” of the mass destructive thoughts and feelings of the race.  You not only have to generate through your application in the use of the Violet Fire (and whatever other applications of which you know) enough “steam” to get up out of that “hole” again, but, while you are down there, you have opened your worlds to the destructive energies which form that mass strata and which then flow into and become a part of your world.

Beloved ones, this is the Law of The Retreats!  It is the Law and the Science of mastery, which is taught by every BEING who has attained the right to be called “Guru” (Master) and who accepts initiates and chelas for development.  Mankind (and Chelas, too) are always looking for an easy way out of their difficulties, for a “vicarious atonement”, for someone else to set them free!  There is no one else but your own consciousness, who can eventually control the energy which has been entrusted to you from God.  NO ONE but yourself, can control that energy.  True, the Masters, angels, cherubim and seraphim can and do give you assistance in quieting the whirls of destructionally qualified energy, which you have already set up and “pour oil on the troubled waters”, far more of them than that of which you have any concept, in your outer minds.

True, the Master Jesus, (beloved Prince of Peace) when invoked by a soul in turmoil and trouble, does send forth his radiation in answer to their calls and sometimes that one is sensitive enough to accept his peace.  However, this is just temporary!  Until the individual himself, arises in the dignity of his own Godhood and realizes that he, himself, chose to take and use life from The Heart of God of the Universe, he cannot be-self-master over that life!  The world around him and his own inner bodies are his record of what he has done with such life.

Lord  Maitreya

February 8, 2012

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