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The Control of the FOUR LOWER BODIES # 2

By Beloved Lord Maitreya


When such a one chooses to master his energies in dignity, poise and preferably, in silence, he can succeed, if he will.  You know, there is not too much kindness in this world of form.  If you tell others of that which you endeavor to do before it is successfully achieved, you dissipate your energies, which might be used to accomplish your purpose.  Should you fail in your achievement, there will be many who will laugh at you.  In the silence and dignity of your own Christ Flame, determine that these vehicles, which you use, are going to serve the purpose for which they were created, to expand the virtues of God. You may chose to develop and radiate any one or more of a number of God virtues, which this world so much requires at this time.  One could spend almost an entire evening enumerating the virtues this “crying” planet Earth needs: for one thing, PEACE, of a certainty! Will you allow your emotional world to be a conduit from your presence and the Ascended Master’s realm, to carry an intercepted PEACE into the souls of men which are torn with pain and agony, nations filled with unrest, an elemental kingdom despoiled and tortured by the ignorance, disinterest, unbelief and impurities, generated by mankind, or must your emotional body be the “plaything” for any unkind word or displeasure of another, which send it immediately into distress?

Lord  Maitreya

February 8, 2012

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