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The Control of the FOUR LOWER BODIES # 3

By Beloved Lord Maitreya


Does your emotional body belong to God or does it belong to the transients you meet upon life’s way who take your world away from the authority of your presence and steal your peace—Gods Peace—from you?  If this is so, (for that moment at least)  that discord “short circuits” your energies through which the Godhead and all the God-free otherwise could pour peace into your worlds, then out through your atmosphere into the world of others. 

Does your mental body belong to God?  Is it alert to the reception of the divine directions of your I AM PRESENCE or is it busy accumulating the gossip which is heard over the radio, read from the printed page, or spoken through the kindly lips of your friends and associates?  Is your mental body also the “plaything” for the transients you meet on life’s way.

Does your etheric body belong to God?  Is it the powerhouse it was intended to be in the beginning, in which there is recorded every magnificent experience you had with God “before the world was”, from the first time your immortal threefold Flame externalized from the Father, when first you felt being and said: I AM, when you first looked upon the faces of your God-parents (of the system to which you belong) who created you when you saw the shining light of the Archangels and there were no scales before your eyes, when you heard the “Music of the Spheres” just naturally and when you saw the beautiful temples of Light in the inner realms, is that the content of your etheric body?  Is that what surges up during your periods of relaxation and makes you remember God’s perfection, or is your etheric body just a “Pandora’s box” containing the records of all the petty grievances and mistakes of others? 

Does your physical body belong to God?  Is it vital and alert as it should be, ready to be about the Master’s business?

Lord  Maitreya

February 8, 2012

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