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The Control of the FOUR LOWER BODIES # 4

By Beloved Lord Maitreya


Today, I ask you to take an inventory of yourselves.  You are chelas, now, who must move forward under your own “steam”.  These vehicles (bodies), which are yours to control, you must keep in the use of God.  If you are what you profess!  YOU CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS.  YOU ARE serving God when your bodies are conductors for his grace, you are serving mammon when your bodies are re-acting to the flash-tides of human emotions!

Think it through beloved ones!  You say “All I am or have or ever hope to be or have, is THINE.”  That is a BIG STATEMENT!  Are you confirming it in your daily living?

O, lovely ones, think of the statement you make and have been making for a number of years now.  Think upon them deeply, for they will affect the karma, which you draw upon you.

It is up to you to create the glory of your Causal Body through your four lower bodies and make the Holy Spirit of God your personal aura, instead of its being a flashing and crashing of the discords of your various vehicles which are “off beat”.  When they are so, they are creating the dissonance which is very evident to others and which causes your own personal distresses.  It is time now that you bring your four lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and etheric) into alignment, all of them, and then raise and consecrate them all to God and impersonal service!”

Lord  Maitreya

February 8, 2012

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