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Lord Maitreya


Momentum of Prayer

“Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth.  Sing to raise the vibratory function of your body.  So much is being thrown at you and lashed at you from the world of form and how it beats against thy vehicle but the shield and the chant keeps you safe, keeps you well.  Chanting as a group beloveds, brings you in unison, one with the other all in one accord, all singing praise to the one true God.  First and foremost that which you feed will grow, you are feeding the spirit or feeding the body.  If the world could one day all meditate at the same time, the Golden Age of Light would be there at the end of that meditation. 

So much energy would be created, a momentum, a compelling force would be created on your planet that the Golden Age of Light would anchor by the end.  If everyone was in harmony and accord in that meditation time how the world could be changed in the holy instant.  Nothing withstands its force.  All glory be [to] the day when lifestreams learn of this simple truth, and all join in unity, and accord and meditate, and pray to the one true God.”  Lord Maitreya

Taken from “Lamb of God Grant Us Peace, Creating the Veil of Light.”


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